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Far Cry 6 was announced by Ubisoft in June 2020. One of the novelties is that it will star Giancarlo Esposito, an actor known for playing Gus Fring in Breaking bad, and as is tradition in this saga, the villain is the character that stands out the most on the cover of the game and in the trailers.

And so far, there is a good handful of data and information that Ubisoft has revealed, some related to the design of the game and others about the various versions that will be for sale. What there is not -until now- is a video where the gameplay of Far Cry 6, and Ubisoft will have their reasons.

Next, everything we already know about Far Cry 6.

The release date

Initially, Far Cry 6 It was going to be released on February 18, 2021. But after a few months of the announcement, the premiere was postponed and indefinitely, although since then some leaks have appeared in digital stores external to Ubisoft: first in the Microsoft store it was indicated that the date would be May 25 and recently, in the Dutch Proxis store it was indicated that it would be April 30.

None of these dates is official and until Ubisoft makes a statement, nothing can be taken for granted. However, it is common for game release dates to be leaked from store databases (which receive such information in advance), so nothing should be dismissed.

On what platforms?

Ubisoft wants its games to be played by as many people as possible and even more so if they are released in the transition period from one generation to the next. Thus, Far Cry 6 will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, in addition to Google Stadia, the gaming platform for streaming of Google.

The announcement trailer

So far, only a trailer for Far Cry 6 which also serves as an introduction to the main villain that the game will have; on the other hand, there is no gameplay as such. This presentation format makes sense, since from Vaas in Far cry 3, the saga has been characterized by an emphasis on the villains of the game, at least from a marketing point of view.

In Far Cry 6 It will tell the story of a dictator named Anton Castillo who governs the destinies of a fictional country called Yara, located on an island, and where a group of revolutionaries tries to regain control of the country. In the game, a resistance character named Dani Rojas will be taken over and events will take place as Castillo distributes propaganda throughout the country and prepares his son Diego to continue ruling in the future.

Speaking to GameRant, the narrative director for Far Cry 6, Navid Khavari revealed that the game will be set in the present, but that everything in Yara looks as if it were the 60s because the country “was frozen in time” since then. Khavari also explained that, for this reason, all the weapons and vehicles in the game will be very typical of that date.

Yara is inspired by what Cuba is today and to recreate the atmosphere, the development team has visited Cuba several times throughout the four years of project work.


So far not many details have been given regarding the gameplay of Far Cry 6, although the first photos of the game reveal certain elements such as the first-person perspective that is already classic in Far cry. Judging by the few images available, we can say that this game is not going to alter the formula too much, and that means: a large open world that can be traveled by land, air and sea in various types of vehicles. It is also certain that there will be mechanics to create elements, improve weapons and some system of progression of character skills that have been established in the most recent games of the saga.


The Far cry in the past they have had multiplayer, although the scheme used has been that of the cooperative mode; basically, multiple players join a host’s session and perform various activities. In Far cry 5 up to four players could join in cooperative and in Far Cry 6 The formula should be similar, which means that the story missions will only remain in the host player’s registry, while for the guests these advances will not be shared and they will have to complete the missions on their own.

Downloadable content

Ubisoft already announced that there will be a Season Pass (also known as Season Pass) for Far Cry 6. In this pass there will be three expansions and although details have not yet been given about it, we could hope that one of them is a kind of spin-off, something that we already saw that was done successfully in Far Cry Blood Dragon, an unexpected, strange and very good expansion of Far Cry 3. In fact, no Far cry later has had a spin-off as remarkable as that one, since Blood dragon it altered not only the setting but also some of the gameplay schemes of the base title.


There will be several versions of Far Cry 6 that will be available. One of them is the standard edition, the cheapest and that will bring only the game.

In Amazon Gold Steelbook version of Far Cry 6 for $ 110 dollars. This edition includes the game plus the Season Pass mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

The Ultimate version costs $ 180 and is on sale at the Ubisoft Official Store. In this version comes everything from the Gold Steelbook plus a package called Ultimate Pack, which in turn includes three different packages called Vice Pack, Croc Hunter Pack and Jungle Expedition Pack. Each of them includes a suit, a weapon and other elements for the game.

Finally, there is the collector’s edition which is only for the most fanatical of Far Cry. This edition costs $ 310 and includes the following:

  • All the content of the Ultimate edition
  • A replica of the “Toaster” flamethrower plus game art designs
  • A keychain based on Chorizo, the companion dog
  • A map of the world
  • Game soundtrack
  • 10 themed stickers with designs based on the game’s resistance group
  • 64 page art book
  • Metallic box
  • Collector’s box

And if the game is pre-purchased in any of its editions, a skin of Chorizo ​​and a weapon called Discos Locos that shoots (as the name implies) discs.

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