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China seems to have found the solution to displacement problems in extremely cold climates.

The Asian giant has just presented its new bullet train. It is the CR400AF-G, capable of speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour at temperatures that drop to 40 degrees below zero.

The machine is part of the Fuxing series of high-speed multi-unit electric trains, and has been developed and operated by the China State Railways Group.

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The train, which was launched in Beijing on January 6, will run on a new high-speed line connecting the capital with cities in the northwest, such as Shenyang and Harbin.

How does it work?

The state company explained how it will work to withstand such low temperatures. The train was designed with chrome-moly alloy bolts, a material that withstands extremely low temperatures.

The transport also includes silicone sealing strips that prevent snow and ice from entering the body, as well as stainless steel pipes equipped with heating devices.

High speed can be achieved thanks to its low resistance aerodynamic design which also helps reduce energy consumption.

“If the train stops in Harbin (one of the coldest cities in China) for an hour, due to the extremely cold weather, the braking system can easily freeze if it stops moving for a while,” explains Zhou Song, director of the bullet train hub of China Railway Beijing Group.

“The new system will allow the brakes to move from time to time even if the train stops, like a person shifting their feet to keep warm in cold weather.”

Thus, the future of mass transportation will have to be fast, sustainable and capable of adapting to extreme weather conditions.

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