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By now you know Zoom well. You used it for much of the past year for work, social, and family reasons, mastering tricks like virtual funds and more. However, the more you use something, the more likely it is that a failure will occur, and the same is true on this platform. Fortunately, what happens to you has happened to someone before, and we know what you can do about it. These are the most common problems in Zoom, as well as their solutions.

Camera or audio is not working

Nothing is more frustrating than a malfunctioning webcam or audio on a Zoom call. If your webcam is not showing, or if it is selected and not working in Zoom, all is not lost.

When you join a call, Zoom will give you an option to join with video before entering the meeting. Always click this button, or else you will enter the call without your camera (audio only).

If your webcam does not appear, the first thing to do is verify that all other programs that use the webcam are closed. Zoom will not be able to use the camera if you are using it in another application.

If your webcam or audio still doesn’t work, you can test your audio and video in Zoom clicking on this link. Once open, you can join the call as usual in the Zoom app and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’ve joined on the web (even if you’ve joined to verify your webcam in the main Zoom app), you can also select your camera by clicking Start video (I could also tell you Stop video, if you are on a call). If the screen is blank, you can click the arrow – next to the video camera icon – and choose your system camera, or even an external webcam.

If things still aren’t working properly, it may be a good idea to uninstall Zoom and reinstall it from the Zoom download center.

But beware, sometimes the problem may not be with Zoom. If you are on a Windows 10 or macOS device, the webcam could be blocked. You can correct this by checking the application’s permissions and making sure that the Zoom application – or your web browser – is authorized to use your device’s camera. Specifically, you can verify this setting by restarting its call and making sure to press Allow when asked about access to the camera and microphone.

In Windows, you can check if your webcam is blocked by searching Webcam on the menu Start and selecting which applications can use the camera from this menu. Scroll down and you will see the list of apps that can use your webcam. Make sure your web browser or Zoom box is checked. Similarly, you can also search Microphone and choose its privacy settings to do the same.

In macOS, you must click on System preferences and then in Security and privacy. Then, click on the padlock and enter your password to make changes. Then click Camera from the sidebar and make sure your web browser and Zoom app are checked. Take advantage of checking that the microphone box is also checked.

Echoes during a call

Another common problem with Zoom is audio echo during a meeting. If you hear echo or comments during the video call, there are three possible reasons.

First – the most obvious – someone could have the audio on the computer and the phone on at the same time. In this case, ask them to disconnect it. They will need to turn off the audio during the conference by clicking the up arrow next to the microphone icon and selecting Leave computer audio.

Another cause could be that people with computer or telephone speakers could be too close to each other. Also, multiple computers with active audio may be in the same conference room.

To resolve any of these situations, you will have to ask the two people who are too close to separate. Or ask one of them to leave the conference call or mute the audio on your device.

Zoom lags or freezes during meetings

Lag and freezing are usually caused by problems with the internet connection. If you’re on a mobile device, try moving to an area with a more stable connection to see if this helps.

You also need to consider the proper internet speeds for successful video chat. In a team environment – and when you’re talking to multiple people – you’ll want a download speed of around 1 Mbps, as well as an upload speed of 800 kbps. You can always check your current speeds with a quick internet speed test.

You can also improve the video quality by changing the Zoom settings. For example, disable HD options or settings Retouch my appearance, which will decrease the amount of bandwidth your video connection requires (and the overhead on your system hardware), helping to troubleshoot lag issues in the process.

Screen sharing problems

Sharing your screen is an important part of a Zoom call, and it’s as easy to do as clicking Share screen, at the bottom of the window.

If you plan to share your screen during a call, you may need to check some settings first. First of all: make sure you have a strong internet connection, as well as being connected to the call. Maybe you didn’t know, but sharing your screen takes a lot of bandwidth.

It is also a good idea to test the Share screen in Zoom. You can do it by selecting Start without video in the tab Start, when starting or joining a meeting. Your participation will start with just an audio conference, freeing up some bandwidth.

Alternatively, if you’re already on a call and need to share your screen, turn off your video first by clicking the button Stop video and then choosing the green button Share screen.

Problems with virtual funds

If you are experiencing problems with the use of the virtual fund, you may be able to solve them by following the following suggestions proposed by the company:

  • If you don’t have the tab Virtual background In the settings menu of your desktop application after having enabled it, log out and start it again.
  • Manually choose the background color to make sure you select the correct color. This option is only available after clicking on an image.
  • Make sure the background is a solid color with minimal shadows, ideally deep green. Also make sure that the background is evenly lit.

If you are still having problems, you can also review our tips to optimize the use of virtual funds.

Remote control problems when sharing screen

When screen sharing, the person viewing your screen can request the remote control to help you solve problems or explain an issue more clearly; in Display options there is a tool to request remote control at any time while sharing the screen. If you want to enable remote control – but it doesn’t work properly – there are several reasons to consider:

  • The participant does not accept the request: a notification will appear on your screen and you will have to choose Allow screen sharing.
  • The sharer is interrupting the process – technically, the person sharing your screen can stop the remote control at any time by clicking the mouse. In practice, sometimes people are always doing something that interrupts the remote control session before you can do anything. So always remind people to leave their computers alone while you assume remote control.
  • You could be on the wrong device: iPad and Android devices, for example, currently do not allow remote control or request.

Problems receiving emails from Zoom

Another common problem is not being able to receive emails from Zoom. This can include notifications and activation emails. They usually take about 30 minutes to arrive, or even a little longer. But if it does not arrive, you will have to make sure that your email is configured correctly.

In general, this is not your responsibility, so you should ask your Information and Systems (IT) department to include in the Whitelist Zoom email IP addresses. If you are using Gmail or a personal email service, you can also check your spam mailbox. Emails will come from the sender

Zoom locks

If Zoom freezes and closes completely, your first action should be to check the Zoom service status and the Descent detector to see if there is a Zoom problem in your geographic area (happens often). Sometimes problems with the servers (or those who do “maintenance” of the platform) can result in the service being down for a while. Arm yourself with patience: you will have to wait for everything to work again.

If the problem does not appear to be “regional”, we suggest you try the web version of Zoom instead of the app– As long as your internet connection is good enough, the web version tends to be a bit more reliable when the app is having trouble.

Finally, take a look at your peripherals settings. Sometimes Zoom can be confused with your own video and audio settings. If you are trying to use your webcam connection as an audio output, for example, it will often fail you. Make sure your video connections are properly routed to your webcam and, if necessary, your audio is routed to properly connected speakers.

Problems with the “bombardment in Zoom”

The so-called “Zoom Blitz” is a growing trend of joining a private meeting and interrupting it with anything from loud music to pornography, and even the courts of justice have been affected. If you’ve been “bombarded” on Zoom in the past, there is a simple and effective solution to prevent this from happening again: require a passcode.

The host who creates the meeting and sends the invitations may require participants to enter a passcode to join the meeting, so strangers will have a hard time “sneaking in”. In fact, as of the May 2020 update, asking for a password is set as the default, so all you need to do is update Zoom to start using this feature.

And if you’re concerned about hacking in more elaborate ways, here’s good news: In June 2020, Zoom announced that it would bring end-to-end encryption to all meetings (not just paid versions) to help protect content. and avoid more advanced versions of the Zoom-bombingeven if you are using a free account. A previous version of this started in October.

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