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Microsoft is working on an update of Windows 10 for this 2021. The central modification would arrive with the new “Windows 10 21H2”, a patch that is expected for June of this year and that according to the site Windows Latest It has the code name Sun Valley. It is an RTM version (Released To Manufacturing or released for manufacturing).

A preview of this is what can be seen in the taskbar, since the Build 21286 update brings a new feature called News and Interests, which means that you will soon be able to start reading news headlines that will be provided by Cortana and Microsoft Search.

How to activate this new taskbar in Windows 10

In order to activate this taskbar, you will have to hover over the weather icon in Windows 10 and a dynamic content will be displayed that will deliver the latest news that, when you click, will take you directly to the original site through Edge.

Microsoft says users can browse the feed to see headlines on popular topics like sports, weather, entertainment, politics, and more. If you don’t like the current source, you can open MSN and change the content preference.

In sight, it looks a lot like what Google is already doing with its Discover mobile service; users will also be able to react with emoticons to the news.

In addition, they can select if they want to see more or less of a certain content.

He feed taskbar is still in the early stages of development and Microsoft is currently experimenting with at least seven variants that would change the interface, the feed and animations.

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