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After an absence of 12 years, Indiana Jones will return to video games under the direction of Bethesda, the producer behind series such as Doom and Fallout.

Through a social media ad, Bethesda showed a teaser in which he advances a new video game by the explorer Henry Walton, better known as Indiana Jones.

& mdash; Bethesda (@bethesda) January 12, 2021

The video game will be developed by Machine Games in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, the newly formed studio announced by Disney for the production of LucasArts games. The game producer will be Todd howard, who has overseen since the series games The Elder Scrolls until the launch of Skyrim in 2011.

Bethesda did not give details on what the game will be about or when it will be available, however, due to the recent acquisition of the producer by Xbox, it is most likely that the game will be marginalized from the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch, and only It will be available on Xbox consoles and PC through the Xbox Game Pass service.

Also, the return of Indiana Jones to video games occurs at a time when tomb Raider and Uncharted They became the benchmarks for themed action-adventure titles exploring ancient ruins in search of relics. Although the genre has its origins in the forgotten series Pitfall (Atari 2600, 1982), Indiana Jones quickly became a benchmark of the genre with several releases, although the most recent (PlayStation 3, 2009) were linked to the Lego series produced by Traveller’s Tales.

It would be amazing if Bethesda, with all the economic push from Xbox, produces a game in the style of Uncharted and tomb Raider.

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