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The idea of ​​a new version of Nintendo Switch is something that I have talked about for a long time. The current Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 and while the manufacturer is not in the race for cutting-edge technology when it comes to consoles, it cannot be denied that in a time when the PS5 and Xbox Series X already exist, the original laptop is already falling too far behind in performance.

For the same reason, the idea of ​​producing a new version of the Switch does not seem unreasonable. Nintendo is no stranger to creating reviews of their portable consoles, having done so from the very first Game Boy onwards. On the other hand, the current console continues to sell very well and perhaps it is not in the interest of the company to launch a completely new version that separates the user base or leaves out all those who already have the original.

Here is a summary of the information that exists so far about the new Nintendo Switch attempt. Obviously, all this is based on rumors that have been appearing on the internet, and for the same reason none of these has an official character, although there are high chances that a review of the console is not far from what has been leaked so far .

The same basic hardware


The latest information on the new Nintendo Switch was posted by a security engineer and researcher named Mike heskin and the data was extracted from the last firmware update of the console. According to Heskin, the new model is a revision of the original model, but not exactly a Nintendo Switch 2 or a direct successor to the console.

This is because the processor of the new model seems to be the same as the original, which was based on the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip. Now, there are already two revisions of the console: the 2017 version includes the first version of the Tegra X1, manufactured with 20nm technology, while the 2019 version comes with a version manufactured at 16nm. According to data extracted from the console’s firmware, the new model would come with the same chip as the 2019 version, as well as the same 4GB of RAM, although now produced with 10nm technology.

A new screen?

More interesting seems to be what is related to the screen. As is well known, the current laptop supports a maximum resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels, while when connected to an external screen through the dock, this maximum resolution extends to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

On the other hand, the new Switch could come with a different screen based on different technology, which according to the filtration, would have to be either OLED or MiniLED. Any of them are undoubtedly an advance over the LCD technology of the current version. “The new screen requires a special code, which suggests a change in technology,” Heskin said, in addition to “being related to a new manufacturer.”

On the other hand, the new firmware data points to the existence of a new chip whose function will be one that until now does not exist in the current Switch: to scale the output resolution up to 4K. This chip appears to be inside the console itself and not inside a new one dock -something that had recently been speculated-, which could give clues to a higher resolution screen.

A Nintendo Switch console on a desk

However, it does not seem that feasible that the portable display has 4K resolution. The Switch’s hardware, and specifically the Tegra chip, is designed around energy efficiency first and foremost, and a low-inch 4K screen would counter that; Furthermore, such a large resolution in such a small space is not something that makes a big difference.

On the other hand, it would seem more feasible that this new rescaling chip can be used to rescale the output image of the console when it is connected to an external screen. Some time ago the rumor appeared that Nintendo would have asked certain developers to start adapting the resolution of their games to 4K resolution, which would make sense considering that this new version of the console would be compatible with all currently existing games.

Power jump: similar to old DS and 3DS

With these specifications – again, nothing official – it seems clear that Nintendo is not looking to make a radical review of the Switch as a platform, but to give the console a refreshment thinking of people who play on 4K televisions. So far, there are two versions of the console (the normal version and the Switch Lite, which is only portable) and Nintendo has been so successful with the Switch that abandoning it four years after its release does not seem the most logical thing to do.

Still, and taking into account what Nintendo has done with the DS and 3DS consoles, four years is enough time to introduce a soda. About three years also passed between the original 3DS and the New 3DS, while the same time passed between the first Nintendo DS and its DSi revision.

Both models, DSi and New 3DS, were versions more powerful or with greater features than the original. The DSi included two cameras, an internet connection and a much more powerful processor than the previous DS, while the New 3DS brought a kind of right analog stick, doubled the amount of RAM and increased the frequency of the main processor.

The jump between those versions was important, but not so much that former DS and 3DS users wanted to put their original consoles aside. For the same reason, it makes sense that Nintendo is planning a new version of the Switch that serves as a refreshment to what already exists, but without meaning a radical change in terms of power or features. The 3DS and DS revisions were fully compatible with the existing catalog and services of those consoles and it would be normal for Nintendo to repeat that with a new Switch.

On the other hand, launching a revision of the Nintendo Switch would allow the Japanese company to buy some time before a more definitive successor. The launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, although they are not direct competition from Nintendo, they could mean a problem when creating multiplatform games that already had to be cut when they came from PS4 or Xbox One. With the new consoles on the street , the differences will become even more marked, although the fact of being able to display 4K resolution would make them less palpable.

Will the new Nintendo Switch arrive in 2021?

The first rumors regarding a new Nintendo Switch appeared last year and, in the best of cases, it was expected that by the end of 2020 that console would be on the street. However, Nintendo has already missed the classic Christmas release date with the Nintendo Switch, which went on sale in March 2017. That strategy worked quite well for them, so they could repeat it without major problems.

Still, March 2021 seems unlikely, also considering that the pandemic context has been a problem for hardware manufacturers; both Sony and Microsoft were churning out PS5 and Series X units at the limit of factory capacity.

According to Mike Heskin, Nintendo has been working on a revision of the Switch for more than a year and a half and if the data of the new console appeared in a recent version of the firmware, it means that said revision, if it is real, could be closer. than we suppose.

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