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A new alternative of streaming the Hispanic American community will have free in the first quarter of this 2021, since Univision Communications Inc., announced plans to launch PrendeTV, the only service with 100 percent free programming in Spanish.

PrendeTV will include a collection of series and movies, give more options and access to a greater variety of genres, from Hollywood blockbusters, series, novels, comedies, sports classics, documentaries, lifestyle programs and children’s television programming international to the video libraries of Univision and Televisa with popular programming.

“It is an important initial step in the broader efforts by Univision to forge the same leadership position that we have on Spanish-language television in the emerging environment of streaming in Spanish, ”said Wade Davis, CEO of Univision. “The announcement about PrendeTV two weeks after the closing of our Univision acquisition highlights our focus and commitment to rapidly driving transformation and growth of the company. Our audience does not have access to anything like PrendeTV today, and this will completely change the environment of the streaming of video in the media in Spanish of the United States ”.

What else will PrendeTV offer

PrendeTV will be the only premium, free advertising-supported service for Hispanics in the United States, an audience that Nielsen says owns more internet-connected devices and smart TVs than the general public, and consumes more content from streaming than non-Hispanic people. The new service will be launched with more than 30 channels and 10,000 hours of video programming on demand in Spanish from international content partners to serve consumers wanting more content with easy access, in their language and culture.

After its launch, the service will be available via Prende.TV on computers and mobile internet, as well as free applications for cell phones and connected televisions.

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