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One of the things that (I) love the most about Amazon’s media player, apart from the fact that it is the means to access practically any media service. streaming, It is its flexibility, understood as the possibility of integrating or communicating with other devices. Therefore, it is worth reviewing everything that you can connect to your Fire TV Stick and maybe you did not know.


The most “natural” thing to do is to mount the Fire TV Stick on the non-smart screen in a room or room, and after initial setup, enjoy all the entertainment possibilities it offers, from giving play to a series until watching YouTube videos. However, it can also be integrated into an external monitor, as long as it has an HDMI input, which is the one that will receive the signal from the Amazon device.

For those who already have that port occupied with the laptop, it is best to consider a switcher HDMI, which can offer up to three inputs of this type: one for the laptop, another for the Fire TV Stick and the last for another gadget.

The interesting thing is that the Amazon multimedia player is not only limited to conventional televisions, it can also be placed on an external monitor, in which – depending on its technical characteristics – you can have an optimal viewing experience.

Bluetooth speaker

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The flexibility of the Fire TV Stick also allows you to link a wireless speaker to it, but what for? Well, in case you have connected the player to a monitor, you know that the display it simply does not offer a powerful and clear sound, if it integrates speakers.

In Setting, on the Fire TV Stick, click on the section Bluetooth controls and devices; in the new interface, select Other Bluetooth devices; then, in the menu, choose Add Bluetooth devices. Once you see the name of the speaker on the screen — which should be in detection mode — press on it. An audible signal will be emitted, which means that the speaker will play the audio from the player.

Wireless headphones

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If you need to have a more private entertainment session, you can also connect a wireless headset to the Amazon player. To do this, you must follow practically the same steps as for communicating a wireless speaker.

Go to Setting and click on the section Bluetooth controls and devices; in the new interface, select the option Other Bluetooth devices; in the menu, choose Add Bluetooth devices. Once you see the name of the hearing aids on the screen – which should also be in detection mode – press on it. When communication is confirmed, the pair will play the audio of your content on the Fire TV Stick.

Game control

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From the Fire TV Stick, it is possible to access an extensive library of games, which are intended to be played with the player’s control. However, the experience can be improved by adding a controller dedicated to video games.

For this case, we tested pairing a PS4 controller. From the Amazon device, you need to go to Setting, then Bluetooth controls and devices and finally to Game control. Click on Add a new game controller. In order for the controller to be identified, it is necessary to press the button with the PlayStation icon and the Share icon at the same time until a white light flashes. The option will appear Wireless Controller screen, which must be selected in order to play the Fire TV Stick video games with the PS4 controller.

Cell phone

User looking at the screen of her smart phone

Much like what can be done with a Chromecast, it is possible to stream a YouTube or Facebook video from your phone to the Fire TV Stick. Of course, both teams must be linked to the same connection Wifi.

Take the case of YouTube. Once a clip is “running” on the cell phone, what you should do is click on the playback screen. Once the play buttons and other options are displayed, hit the square icon with an internet signal. In the new window that appears, select the name that corresponds to your Fire TV Stick. Thus, the image will be immediately transmitted to the screen connected to the player.

Remote control

True story: After several years of use, there came that moment when the remote for the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition (2017) in one of the rooms of the house stopped working. As his spare arrived, control of the player was carried out through the app Fire tv.

When it’s time to add a new physical controller, go to Setting, then Bluetooth controls and devices; in the new interface, you must select Amazon Fire TV remote controls and later, Add new remote. It will start the search (it is necessary to hold down the button with the icon of a house on the remote) and when it is detected, it will appear in the list of linked devices and will be ready to use.

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