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A journalistic investigation uncovered questioned Huawei’s labor practices, which could put further pressure on the Chinese tech giant.

The measures are part of the 2014 “Assignment and Mobility Management Regulations for Chinese Expatriates in the Western Europe Region”, according to the British newspaper. Daily Telegraph.

According to the document, the company sanctions workers of Chinese origin who associate or marry Westerners; or if they apply for European citizenship.

The regulation considers that these practices represent a “breach of their employment contract”, so the employees involved must “resign from the company or its subsidiary.”

In order to prevent them from settling in any of the countries, the company will transfer them every five years. In addition, it considers “treason” if a worker decides not to return to the country.

“If you marry a local person and get citizenship rights, this is considered treason,” said a former Huawei employee, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another employee, fired in 2019 after his manager discovered that he planned to marry a European, said the measure seeks to prevent the company from being used as a migration tool.

Huawei: obsolete document

According to Huawei spokespersons in the UK, this policy “was no longer valid” and even detailed that establishing residence in Europe was “a personal matter” for workers. The company even assured that the measures had never been implemented in said territory.

Meanwhile, representatives in Spain did not deny that the practice had been abandoned. However, they indicated that if someone wishes to settle in another country, it is a decision that corresponds to the “private sphere of that person”.

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