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Blue Origin, the company run by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, just took another big step toward manned spaceflight.

On Thursday, the aerospace exploration company successfully launched its first-ever enhanced New Shepard spacecraft for astronauts, on an unmanned, suborbital test flight from West Texas.

While this was the 13th successful launch of its rocket, it was the first flight of the NS-4, an upgraded crew capsule with six seats, display panels, and temperature controls. The capsule also contained a human-sized mannequin named Skywalker.

Blue Origin.

The two elements of the New Shepard, the rocket and the capsule, both reusable, managed to land shortly after.

The thruster descended for a vertical landing in its delimited area, near the launch pad. While the capsule landed gently under the parachutes at a short distance, lifting a column of desert soil about 10 minutes after liftoff, according to a site report. Space.

“The success of this flight brings us one big step closer to flying astronauts … There will be a lot of fun ahead in 2021,” said Ariane Cornell, director of astronaut and orbital sales at Blue Origin, during a live webcast.

The New Shepard capsule reached a maximum altitude of 106,932 meters according to Blue Origin, which means 107 kilometers above the traditionally recognized border of space (100 km).

The result of this day keeps the directors of the aerospace company optimistic. “Everything seems to have gone perfectly today,” Cornell added.

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