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The first digital edition of CES concludes. Despite the absence of public both in the corridors and in the presentations, there was no lack of technology that caught the attention of audiences around the world. For a sample, we leave you some of the gadgets most curious presented at CES 2021.

Will it be that by 2022 the important Show technology company will return to Las Vegas, Nevada, to host industry folks and the media? We’ll see.

While it is a concept, this chair promises to raise the bar for gamers to a point they had only imagined in their dreams. It is possible to find, among its features, a 60-inch roll-up screen – which unfolds in front of the player -, haptic feedback (vibrations) on the back and seat, 4D modular armrests and carbon fiber seat. We will have to be patient for the arrival of this game system and, above all, prepare your pocket.

That a mobile goes from phone to tablet mode does not mean that it must incorporate hinges or complex mechanical systems, not for LG. The firm offered a brief preview of its roll-up phone, known at the time as the LG Rollable, which expands its screen while held. The good news is that the manufacturer does plan to market this smartphone that redefines the design of smart phones; it would be launched this year.

Without a doubt, the health emergency context changed everyone’s plans, including those of the technology manufacturers. Therefore, it was not uncommon to see products dedicated to user health care at CES 2021. Project Hazel is a smart face mask (N95) from Razer, conceptual for the moment. Its transparent design allows you to read lips and see facial expressions. Other characteristics, in addition to its filters with RGB LED lighting, are resistance to water, circular areas that allow ventilation and microphones and amplifiers.

It was in late 2020 that the company announced its plans to produce sensors for drones, and it didn’t take long to unveil Airpeak, a drone capable of carrying a full-frame Sony Alpha. There are no details about its price, but it is expected to be launched in 2021. Due to its characteristics and design, the drone “allows dynamic filming, along with precise and stable flight.”

Are we closer to the stage where the robots are at the users’ homes to assist them in all kinds of tasks? Samsung provides clearer certainties with what it defines as the industry’s first intelligent robotic vacuum powered by Intel’s artificial intelligence: JetBot 90 AI +. In addition to its advanced object recognition technology that allows you to dodge everything from furniture to dog poop, it automatically empties your garbage bag. In short, everything to keep the home clean.

With a wide original form factor – 6.7-inch screen – TCL showed a more detailed look at how it envisions a rollable phone, which can be expanded to 7.8 inches for use in tablet mode. The brand indicated that the device is less than 10 mm thick, making it thinner than a folding mobile. Still in the conceptual phase, it is not clear whether the company will be able to launch it on the market.

Two Ninu Perfume devices, one copper-colored and the other black

A smart fragrance? Yes, that is the promise for the user: to create a unique and personalized aroma with the help of artificial intelligence, of course, according to their mood of the day. The device houses three different perfumes that can be mixed into one, with the intention of making the best recommendation to the person. To achieve the highest quality, the company turned to experts in Paris, France.

At first glance, it looks like a normal lamp (play the video above), yet it has multiple motion and infrared sensors that can detect if an older person gets out of bed or falls into the room. In addition to artificial intelligence, consider other features, such as adaptive lighting, two-way communication, and reminders to drink water in the summer. It will begin to be commercialized at the end of 2021.

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