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Do I stay or do I leave WhatsApp? This seems to be one of the most recurring questions from millions of users in early 2021, after the messaging application announced new terms of use, which will allow it to share information with Facebook, its parent company.

The changes, which will take effect from February 8, 2020 and which some users have described as an ultimatum, have caused an incipient migration to other competing platforms, such as Telegram or Signal, considered more secure and less invasive in terms of Of privacy.

WhatsApp was forced to clarify that the changes seek to facilitate interaction with companies that market their products through the platform, but that the new conditions do not mean that it will have the power to read messages.

Beyond the advantages and functions of each of these platforms –whose details are available in this comparison–, do you know exactly what data each one of them collects and what are their characteristics in terms of security and privacy?

The Protected Data Foundation, a private organization dedicated to promoting privacy rights online, prepared a comparison of the information these applications collect and a summary of the main security features.

We review all your questions regarding #WhatsApp, #Telegram and #Signal. Faced with doubts, we share this table where you can compare the information that each App collects and its characteristics.

Also available in PDF format in our repository ???? https://t.co/3Zim8yjg4X pic.twitter.com/scAbJP2ATU

& mdash; Protected Data Foundation (@protecteddata) January 13, 2021

What data do WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal collect?

According to the report, app that collects the most data is WhatsApp: 13 in total. Telegram appears much further back, with four items, while the least invasive application is Signal, which only requires knowing a phone number.

Data collected by apps
WhatsApp Telegram Signal
Phone number Yes Yes Yes
User ID Yes Yes No
Device id Yes No No
Account name N / A Yes N / A
Contacts Yes Yes No
Shopping history Yes No No
Advertising data Yes No No
Location Yes No No
Email Yes No No
Interaction with the app Yes No No
Bug report Yes No No
Payment report Yes No No
Other user content Yes No No
Customer Support Yes No No

Source: Protected Data Foundation. Information available as of January 2021.

In terms of security features, the entity highlights that Signal has the advantage of offering end-to-end encryption throughout the platform, unlike WhatsApp (which only has on the app) and Telegram (only in private chat).

It also warns that WhatsApp requires sharing contacts, unlike Telegram or Signal. And that these two applications allow blocking the screenshot of chats, a feature that the Facebook service lacks.

Safety features
WhatsApp Telegram Signal
End-to-end encryption Only in app Only in private chat Yes
Open Source No Not clear Yes
Requires number or email Yes Yes Yes
Two-step verification Only in app Yes Yes
Group members 256 200,000 1,000
Mandatory contact access Yes No No
Screenshot lock No Yes Yes

Source: Protected Data Foundation. Information available as of January 2021.

Although the Foundation clarifies that it recommends Signal, because it offers a “private and secure” messaging service, it is best for users to make their own decision after analyzing this data.

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