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A team of international scientists discovered a never-before-seen species of bat with orange fur in Guinea.

The discovery occurred in abandoned mines around Mount Nimba, in the African country of Guinea.

At that site, researchers from the American Museum of Natural History, the International Conservatory of Bats and the University of Maroua, in Cameroon, found the peculiar bat, unique in its species due to the color of its fur.

“It is a spectacular animal. It has a very distinctive orange fur, that made us think that it had not been described before ”, said Winifred Frick, one of the researchers who spearheaded the discovery.

Details of the species, named Myotis Nimbaensis referring to the discovery site (Mount Nimba), were published in the scientific journal American Museum Novitates.

The expedition that led to the discovery of the orange bat began in 2018, when the researchers moved to an abandoned mine facility around Mount Guinea that was built in the 1970s and 1980s. The scientists found that this location became an artificial refuge for several endangered species of bats. In particular, the researchers were looking for Hipposideros lamottei, an endemic species of Mount Nimba and whose latest sightings direct the mining area under exploration.

“It is possible that in addition to Hipposideros lamottei, he Myotis Nimbaensis it is the second species that only inhabits the mountain range of Mount Nimba ”, added Jon Flanders, researcher at the International Conservatory of Bats.

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