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The new TCL 20 SE is yet to arrive, but while we wait, is its predecessor worth opting for? What characteristics make it a worthy and attractive purchase option? These questions are answered in the first impressions of the TCL 10 SE.


Despite having a large 6.52-inch screen, the unit feels comfortable in the hands, with a sturdy frame and light weight (166 grams). At the rear, horizontally aligned, is the triple-lens camera – 48 megapixel main sensor – and the fingerprint sensor to unlock the equipment, which responds quickly.

Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

On the right side, the buttons to lower and raise the volume, as well as the one to turn on or off the smartphone. While on the left, in addition to the slot for data cards and extra storage, there is a button dedicated to the Google Assistant.

Like most of the offering in the mid-range, the TCL 10 SE preserves the Jack 3.5 mm to add some wired headphones (by the way, a pair is included in the purchase package, along with a case to protect the cell phone), which is on the top. At the bottom, the brand decided to put the USB Type C charging port and the audio channel (without stereo sound).


This item is worth talking about immediately, as it leaves a good feeling. Although the screen remains only in HD + resolution (720 x 1,600 pixels), it comes with a visual technology that the brand calls NXTVISION, which “automatically adjusts the contrast, sharpness and saturation to achieve a more detailed screen image. ”.

With other HD + phones, one of the recurring complaints is that they can have a good level of brightness, but the colors are not the most accurate. In contrast, the TCL 10 SE achieves a good visual balance for the segment in which it is located.

Playing content on the TCL 10 SE
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

You really enjoy seeing in this smartphone the chapter of a series in some service streaming or a simple video on YouTube. On the other hand, its good level of contrast comes out when looking at still images on Instagram, for example.

In the aspect in which perhaps it is due is in its refreshment rate. Although the manufacturer does not specify it, it is evident that, when navigating the interface of different applications, there is some delay (it will be more evident for those users who have used phones with a refresh rate of at least 90 Hz).

As for the sound, despite being a single channel – the physical design of the phone gives the idea of ​​having two audio outputs – it has good power, so there will be no problem when headphones have been forgotten.

Performance and autonomy

In the first impressions with the TCL 10 SE, its performance and response are optimal, either when running various applications or when it comes time to watch some multimedia content. It does not leave that idea of ​​”slowness” that sometimes you have with other units in the mid-range.

The mobile comes with a MediaTek Helio P22 processor – the same as the Honor 9A and Nokia 2.4 – and a 4 GB RAM memory, enough elements to ensure adequate performance. Of course, it will be necessary to observe how it responds with the passage of time and with the increase of workloads.

Regarding its storage (with the possibility of expanding it through a microSD card), it is 128 GB, but there are about 111 GB free, which is enough to store from Spotify albums to the user’s own multimedia content (photos and videos).

Its battery is 4,000 mAh, which is enough not to be left halfway. What it does is that the user must allocate around 120 minutes to have a 100 percent charge.

General experience

The TCL 10 has everything you could ask for from a mid-range – and a bit more – like a good-quality screen and performance that doesn’t disappoint.

Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

What perhaps it does not love at all is that the mobile that is sold with Telcel (Mexico) includes a kind of operator personalization layer, which gets to be annoying when unlocking. Without exaggeration, it even gives the impression that the phone has been infected with a kind of malware by the publicity that gets to be displayed.

Once this is overcome, the user will find a known Android cell phone, especially if it has always been on the side of Google’s mobile operating system. This means that it will take no time to install your apps favorites.

Regarding the mobile developments that are already pre-installed by default, they do not feel like an abuse by TCL. In fact, some people may find more than one useful, such as the audio recorder or radio player app.


Detail of the rear optics of the TCL 10 SE
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

The TCL 10 SE has an approximate price of $ 250 dollars ($ 5,000 Mexican pesos). For this amount, people can take a cell phone that, above all, will give them a good performance to communicate and entertain themselves. We insist: the screen leaves a good taste in your mouth.

It suits those users looking to go from the low-end to the medium range, without spending a fortune. This is an attractive proposition from TCL in more ways than one.

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