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After being suspended from Apple’s app store, many Parler users have had to switch to other services.

Thus, a large number of them have reached Telegram, which in recent times has seen an explosive increase in users.

One of the functions of the messaging service that has reached the most popularity in recent times has been that of channels.

According to the app, the channels allow public messages to be broadcast to large audiences and have an unlimited number of members.

The problem is that, in recent days, several users have used the channels to send messages that can be considered as inciters to violence and that has forced Telegram to act.

Why delete channels?

In an interview with CNN, a Telegram spokesperson pointed out that in the last few hours they had to block dozens of public channels with “calls to violence for thousands of subscribers.”

Some of these eliminated channels had more than 10,000 followers and in many of them Nazi symbols were found, along with slogans such as “you cannot kill an idea”.

However, in an interview with TechCrunch, the activist Gwen Snyder acknowledged being surprised by Telegram’s attitude, since, according to her, in previous years the application “has looked the other way” to certain extremist channels and that now it would only be reacting when the controversy is in the center of debate.

In fact, a brief review by the Telegram site it does not allow finding the rules of behavior within a channel or the reasons that would allow the messaging service to download one of them.

These have been known lately, after spokesman Mike Ravdonikas announced the reasons why they have eliminated these groups.

Thus, it is understood that the behavior of the users and administrators of these channels would not correspond to the type of attitude that Telegram expects for these massive broadcast lists.

“Our terms of service expressly prohibit public calls to violence,” the spokesperson said.

From the application they also ensure that they are closely monitoring the situation and analyzing all the reports.

Remi Vaughn, another spokesperson, explains:

“Telegram carries out a consistent approach to protests and political debate across the globe, from Iran and Belarus to Thailand and Hong Kong. We welcome peaceful protests and debates, but routinely remove public content that contains direct calls to violence. “

It would not be strange now that it has all the attention in the world, that Telegram has to tighten its rules of behavior within public channels, especially in a time that has seen a worrying increase in messages of hate and violence.

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