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From Kia Motors to simply Kia. This is how the Korean car manufacturer began to be called as of January 2021, which announced a strong onslaught in the electric vehicle segment.

Hidden with a play of light and shadow, Kia anticipated the electric vehicles that will join its line soon. Of those, seven are expected to hit the markup by 2027, the company said.

Upcoming models include city cars, such as sedans or crossover, as well as the so-called Purpose-built vehicle (PBV), vehicles for specific transportation needs.

The electric vehicles that Kia hopes to launch in the coming years.

Inspired by a crossover

The manufacturer indicated that it will provide more details on one of them in the coming months of 2021, although it did not provide a more specific horizon.

However, he announced that it will have a “design inspired by a crossover”. In addition, it will have a range of more than 500 kilometers and will offer a charging time of less than 20 minutes.

The vehicle will use the E-GMP modular platform, which supports 800-volt fast charging and was revealed in December 2020.

Its parent company, Hyundai, along with its Genesis and Ioniq divisions, is also using this platform for electric vehicles.

More sustainable strategy

Kia took a brief look at electric vehicles during a presentation on the rebrand and Plan S, as it called its long-term strategy to develop sustainable solutions.

Kia hopes that the elimination of “Motors” will allow it to expand into new business areas, with “innovative mobility products and services to improve the daily lives of customers.”

The company also underscored its commitment to creating “sustainable mobility options”, a vision that includes the use of recyclable materials and renewable energy.

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