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The “Renaulution” strategy includes the group’s brands, such as LADA, where AVTOVAZ continues its transformation to become a competitive manufacturer within the Renault group.

This 2021 LADA 4 × 4 celebrates 45 years of serial production, having back its original name and being called Nava Legend. After being faithful to its original design for a very long time, trends and competition lead to create a new product.

The concept lines they showed are taken from the successful model that has been on the market for so many years, which began to develop in 1971 and saw the light for the first time in 1977, the Nava Legend. As usually happens, the production model will take adjustments, leaving it in line with the market, preserving the master lines of the model on which it is based.

The platform used is part of the synergy between Dacia and LADA, being the CMF-B competitive and flexible, ideal to be used in this new car, also being carried in 11 types of bodywork.

LADA’s plan is to have 4 completely new models by 2025, including this Niva which will be ready by 2024 in the C segment.

Currently the Niva is offered in three and five doors, the next model will come in two sizes, compact and medium, on the same CMF-B platform; the brand says it will remain the same technical product of rugged construction for use in extreme 4 × 4 conditions.

“The idea behind the creation of these business units is that Dacia and LADA continue as independent companies with their own brands, history and strategy, but that they will benefit from a more dedicated, focused and coordinated direction. Most importantly, they will be better integrated into the Renault Group to take advantage of synergies ”said Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia and LADA.

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