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Bill Gates owns 242,000 acres (about 98,000 hectares) of arable land, making him the largest owner of fertile land in the United States, according to an analysis by The Land Report.

The report indicates that the Microsoft founder owns land in 18 states, the largest of them Louisiana, where he owns 69,071 acres of fertile land. They are followed by Arkansas, with 20,588 acres and Nebraska, with 20,588 acres.

The figure places Gates several thousand acres above the Offutt family, which has owned the RD Offutt company that has been in potato production since 1964 and owns 190,000 acres spread over nine states.

And although the name Bill Gates is much more related to computers, and recently to COVID-19, the billionaire has been investing in agriculture for years to find ways to produce food that adapts to climate change, one of the topics that the tycoon is most passionate about.

In December 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $ 300 million in financing to farmers in Africa facing droughts and floods aggravated by climate change.

A year later, they invested another $ 40 million in research to produce better quality eggs and milk on farms in South Asia and Africa.

But even though Bill Gates owns the most farmland in America, it is still far from the 2.2 million acres owned by media entrepreneur John Malone.

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