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An unpleasant error is the one that has those who want to acquire the Samsung Galaxy S21 on edge, since various conversations on social networks reveal that in the box of the new high-end model of the South Korean brand the promise that the charger is delivered can be obtained for free.

It should be remembered that Samsung had warned that this phone would not come with a power adapter or headphones.

Therefore, the warning that appeared on the packaging caught the attention of several:

“The power adapter can be obtained separately for free,” the box says.

What happened then to the message about the free delivery of the Samsung Galaxy S21 charger?

The first thing that catches your attention is that the same box reads clearly that it is a line for Dublin, Ireland, and sources within Samsung in Spain confirmed to the site The Free Android that it was a printing error and that, at least, it did not correspond to the Spanish American markets.

In fact, on its official site at South Korea, the brand said the reason why they did not include chargers a few days ago:

“We found that more and more Galaxy users are reusing accessories they already have and making sustainable choices in their daily lives to promote better recycling habits. To support our Galaxy community on this journey, we are transitioning to remove the plug from the charger and earbuds on our latest line of Galaxy smartphones. […] We believe that phasing out charger plugs and earbuds from our in-box packaging can help address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure consumers may feel to continually receive unnecessary charging accessories with new phones. ” they argued.

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