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For a long time, Samsung have declared themselves – as the kings of the world. smartphone modern. A high-end Galaxy phone is hard to beat in the Android world, but in recent years Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has entered the competition strongly.

Very recently, Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S21, and a few months ago, in October 2020, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 8T. Which is the better of the two? We will analyze it below.


Samsung Galaxy S21
OnePlus 8T
Size 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm (5.97 x 2.72 x 0.31 inches) 160.7 x 74.1 x 8.4 mm (6.33 x 2.92 x 0.33 inches)
Weight 171 g (6.03 oz) 188 g (6.63 oz)
Screen size
6.2-inch AMOLED 2X dynamic 6.5 inch AMOLED
Screen resolution
2400 x 1080 pixels 2400 x 1080 pixels
Android 11 (OneUI 3.1) Android 11 (Oxygen OS)
Storage 128GB, 256GB 128GB, 256GB
Yes Yes
Micro SD No No
Processor Exynos 2100 (global) Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (US) Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
RAM 8GB 8GB / 12GB
Camera 12MP triple lens, 64MB telephoto, 12MP ultrawide lens

10 MP front lens

48 MP Quad Lens, 16 MP Ultra Wide Lens, 5 MP Macro Lens, 2 MP Monochrome Lens

16 MP front lens

Video 8K at 30 fps, 4K at 60 fps, 1080p at 240 fps 4K at 60 fps, 1080 at 240 fps
5.0 5.1
Fingerprint reader
Yes, on the screen (ultrasonic) Yes, on the screen
IP68 No
Drums 4,000mAh, fast charge (25W, charger not included)

Qi wireless charging

4,500mAh, fast charge (65W)

No wireless charging

App store Google Play Store Google Play Store
Colors Phantom Gray, Phantom White, Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink Aquamarine Green, Lunar Silver, Cyberpunk 2077 Edition
Price $ 800 dollars $ 750 dollars

Design, display and durability

The Galaxy S21 has the same edge-to-edge display with a notch for the front camera, similar to the S20. The body of the S21 is slimmer than its predecessor, while at the same time being slightly longer. The rear of the S21 is made of plastic under an aluminum frame and for those looking for color options, the new Samsung model comes with four different ones.

The OnePlus 8T also has a similar screen style, as well as plastic on the back with various colors available to choose from. Both models have the same resolution and screen refresh rate (2400 x 1080 pixels at 120 Hz), therefore the differences between the two phones can be difficult to spot quickly.

However, when it comes to durability, Samsung comes out ahead thanks to a small and important detail: the OnePlus 8T has no water resistance standard, while the S21 has the IP68 standard. So if you’re afraid that your phone might get a few drops, the 8T might not be the best choice. And this is enough to declare S21 the winner in this category.

Winner: Galaxy S21

Performance, battery and charging

The predecessor of each of these phones came with the same processor, while in the most current models there is some disparity. The Galaxy S21 launches with the Snapdragon 888, which is – in theory – 22% faster than the Snapdragon 865 in the OnePlus 8T. On the other hand, both phones run Android 11 and 8 GB of RAM, which means that the differences in daily use are negligible although the Snapdragon 888 performs better in heavier tasks, such as performance in games.

As for the battery, it remains to be seen how the Galaxy S21 performs in real-time tests. On paper, the OnePlus 8T has an advantage with its extra 500mAh in battery. Both also have fast charging, although the 8T is capped at 65W while the S21 only reaches 25W. This compensates, yes, the fact that the OnePlus phone does not have wireless charging as the S21 does.

While a slightly larger battery would be better, the lack of fast charging and a somewhat weaker processor put the OnePlus 8T behind the Galaxy S21

Winner: Galaxy S21


Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The camera on a phone can be perhaps one of the most important features on a modern phone. And neither phone disappoints in this regard.

Both phones come with multiple lenses of different aperture sizes and uses. The main cameras on the S21 and 8T have three and four lenses, respectively; The 8T comes with a 48-megapixel wide lens, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide lens, a 5-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel monochrome depth lens. The Galaxy S21, meanwhile, comes with a 64-megapixel telephoto lens, a 12-megapixel wide lens, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens.

We haven’t been able to spend much time with the S21 yet, but based on previous experiences with the Galaxy, we can expect a camera with varied options thanks to the Single Take 2.0 mode and general improvements to the software for capturing images. On the other hand, the history of OnePlus with its cameras is not so brilliant but lately they have been improving and the 8T is proof of this. Usually we would say that Samsung always has the upper hand, but the OnePlus 8T offers a very complete package in terms of cameras so for now, we declare a tie.

Winner: Tie

Software and updates

Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

The two phones run on Android 11, the latest version of Google’s operating system. The Galaxy S21 comes with some standard Samsung extras including Samsung Pay, the Bixby voice assistant, and an antivirus suite from McAfee. The OnePlus 8T also runs Android 11 plus its OxygenOS interface, which in general is very good and the favorite of many users.

Both the S21 and the 8T ensure two years of updates, although OnePlus phones are known for their speedy updates, while the opposite is true for Samsung. So while the software experience on both phones will be similar, OxygenOS plus the frequency of updates gives the OnePlus 8T a slight edge.

Winner: OnePlus 8T

Special features

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 8T have quite common features in today’s high-end phones. They are compatible with 5G networks, they have the latest versions of Android, and their displays are excellent. The Galaxy S21 does include a few extras, such as the “mosaic” mode that mixes images from all three cameras to create a large 108-megapixel image, as a sample of what the camera software can do.

For its part, the OnePlus 8T brings its own extras, such as a mode that improves the performance of the phone when gaming, but the best feature is its fast charge called Warp Charge, which is very useful in situations of very low battery.

None of the extra features of each phone stands out too much above the rest and in the long run, everything is defined by the personal preferences of each user.

Winner: Tie

Price and availability

The Galaxy S21 launches priced at $ 799 for the 256GB model. The OnePlus 8T went on sale for $ 749 dollars and of course these prices are for unlocked phones, but when paying through phone companies there may be some kind of discount.

Overall winner: Samsung Galaxy S21

Truth be told: neither phone stands out far above the other. Their designs, cameras, and software are generally very similar. That said, the Galaxy S21 comes with fast charging, optical zoom, very fast image capture speed and a faster processor as well, which puts it above the OnePlus 8T.

Still, for those of you who are fans of OnePlus software and extras like super fast charging, then there’s no problem choosing the 8T over the Galaxy S21. Because the truth is that both models are a very good choice, although we do believe that Samsung’s is the more complete of the two.

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