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The Milky Way has a certain deformation that makes it a “twisted” galaxy. The same is true of many other galaxies in the universe.

According to experts, only between 50 and 70 percent of spiral galaxies like ours have such a slight spin.

Now, and after several years of study, scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have managed to observe in detail the “deformation” of our galaxy.

“Our usual image of a spiral galaxy is like a flat disk, thinner than a pancake, peacefully rotating around its center,” said Xinlun Cheng of the University of Virginia, lead author of the study.

How did they get it?

Using data from the positions and movements of objects in the night sky, scientists were able to build a detailed image of this deformation for the first time.

In addition to certifying that it is “twisted”, the authors discovered that the deformation itself moves around the galaxy every 440 million years. They have used a curious example to graph it:

“Imagine that you are in the stands at a football game and the crowd starts to wave, all you do is stand up and sit down, but the effect is that the wave goes all over the stadium. It’s the same with galactic warping: the stars only move up and down, but the wave travels all the way through the galaxy, ”says Cheng.

This detailed image was made possible by a significant amount of information gathered from various sources. So they were able to create a complete three-dimensional map of the stars in the Milky Way and understand that deformity and how it travels.

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