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If exercising – even from home – is one of your goals in 2021, there are countless iPhone applications that can help you with this task. Some apps They are free, others incorporate a monthly or annual payment, and some offer you a complete training and even help you to eat a balanced diet.

In this list you will first find some applications for exercising from home, and later, others for personal care.

Wakeout !: app to exercise with what you have at home

If you don’t have dumbbells or an exercise bike, or just want to exercise casually, one of the best apps is Wakeout! Winner of the award for one of the best apps from the App Store in 2020, was created by a team in Guatemala and focuses on giving you options to do exercises with the elements you have at home.

You will find exercises that you can do on the sofa at home, using kitchen pans, or simply while taking an active break sitting in front of the computer.

This application has a monthly price of $ 4.99 per month and you can share it with your family. Download Wakeout! in the AppStore.

Seven: scheduled workouts

Seven exercise app for iphoneSeven is an application that I have used for several years and at different stages of my life. It is an app with a free section and a paid section; it is ideal for those who do not have much time but want to train a little, and even if they need a reminder. The application has ready-made training routines, although you can design your own and follow them every day using the app.

Something I like is that you can set the hours you want to train and what type of exercises you want to do. Thus, every morning at 7:30 am you will receive a nice reminder telling you that it is time to exercise, something that in times of pandemic and closed gyms is essential. For most exercises you do not need any machinery, only your body, strength and resistance. It is certainly a good option for those who want to start exercising in a more serious and disciplined way.

The payment section is priced at $ 9.99 per month and gives access to more training, statistics and your own “sergeant”, who will put you on the spot to really train. Download Seven in the AppStore.

Fitness Plus

Fitness Plus: only if you have Apple Watch

This application, which I have used since its launch, is quite complete and can be used if you have exercise equipment and if you don’t. There are workouts from 10, 20, 30 minutes and up to an hour.

Some of the workouts are cardiovascular; there are workouts with weights, stationary bike, rowing, runner and also abs. Something you should know is that you must use an Apple Watch to be able to use the application on your mobile, iPad or Apple TV.

The price of the application is $ 9.99 per month and you can give access to up to five family members. Subscribe to Fitness Plus.

Tangerine app for diary

Tangerine: personal journal and habit trainer

An interesting application within the App Store is Tangerine. And although it is not training, it falls into the category of personal care, just like the ones you will find later.

Tangerine aims to help you form habits and it also joins the trend of keeping a personal diary, in which you can write down what happens in your life so that you can analyze it in the future. To help you form habits, app He reminds you daily of details such as drinking water, walking, calling your mother and everything you propose to do.

With the power of data, after a few weeks you will be able to quantify if you are obtaining the expected results and if not, apply changes. The application is free, although it has a payment section that costs $ 29.99 per year and includes unlimited habit tracking functions and improved journal templates. Download Tangerine on the App Store.


Meditopia: an application to improve your mental health

Meditopia is an application focused on mental health, which basically aims to improve your quality of sleep, stress, anxiety and help you have a full consciousness.

The application consists of a series of audios designed to make you reflect and breathe better, and it also motivates you to meditate and prepare to start a new day. Its price is $ 4.99 per month. Download Meditopia on the App Store.

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