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The most important search engine in the world will have a change of appearance, since Google ad that mobile results will present a different design.

In charge of this remodel is Mountain View company designer Aileen Cheng, who commented that they wanted to “take a step back to simplify a bit, so that people could find what they are looking for more quickly and easily. I find it really refreshing. For me, it’s a breath of fresh air! ”.

In the same vein, Cheng said that the importance of this new design for mobile search is essential, since “we are not only organizing the information on the web, but all the information in the world. We started with the organization of the web pages, but now there is so much diversity in the types of content and information that we have to help understand.

The list of changes in mobile search on Google

  • Put the information in focus. “We want the search results to shine through, allowing people to focus on the information rather than the design elements that surround it,” says the lead designer of the redesign. “It’s about simplifying the experience and getting people to access the information they are looking for as clearly and quickly as possible.”
  • Make the text easier to read. One way the team did this was by using larger, bolder text so the human eye can scan and understand search results faster. “We are also making the section titles and results bigger,” says Chen. The update also includes more of Google’s own fonts, which already appear in Android and Gmail, among other products of the company.
Google mobile search 2
  • Create more room to breathe. “We decided to create a new edge-to-edge result design and minimize the use of shadows, making it easy to immediately see what you are looking for. The overall effect is that it has more visual space and room to breathe for search results and other content to take center stage. “
  • Use color to highlight what is important. The team focused on centering the content and images on a clean background and using color more intentionally to guide the eye to important information without overwhelming or distracting.
  • Lean on that feeling they call “Googley.” “If you look at the Google logo, you will notice that it has a lot of roundness, so we borrowed it and took it to other places as well”, this will be reflected in the icons and rounded images.

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