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The Californian company updates a supporting document and includes new tips for iPhone 12 users with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators.

“While all iPhone 12 models contain more magnets than previous iPhone models, they are not expected to pose a greater risk of magnetic interference in medical devices than previous iPhone models,” the firm’s publication reads. .

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The specific update recommends – to avoid potential interactions – keeping the new iPhone and MagSafe accessories at a safe distance from medical devices such as implanted pacemakers and defibrillators. This should be more than 15 centimeters.

Apple also says that it is necessary to consult the doctor and manufacturer of the corresponding device for specific guidelines.

“If you suspect that the iPhone or any MagSafe accessory is interfering with your medical device, stop using Apple devices,” emphasizes the firm led by Tim Cook.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, a study of Heart Rhythm Journal He noted that the new MagSafe technology in iPhone 12 can disable pacemakers in certain situations.

The charging accessories were introduced alongside Apple’s new cell phone series in October 2020.

“MagSafe enhances wireless charging for a better and more efficient experience, and introduces an ecosystem of easy-to-attach accessories that perfectly complement the iPhone 12 models,” the company said at the time.

Finally, Apple offers more information on interference in medical devices at Important iPhone safety information, in your user manual.

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