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Enjoying Apple TV Plus for free is “simple”: it is only necessary to buy a participating device of the apple brand, a promotion that the company has extended for purchases made until July 2021. Well, that decision has brought consequences for those of Cupertino.

According to a report by Moffett nathanson, 62 percent of Apple TV Plus subscribers are still using their free trial. Also, 29 percent of them say they do not plan to renew their subscription after the free period ends.

Only 30 percent plan to keep their subscription for a monthly payment of $ 4.99. The rest are unsure of their next step on the platform streaming.

It is not the only service that faces a similar situation, but Apple’s high percentages do draw attention. For example, Disney Plus has a no-cost access offer for Verizon customers, but this only represents 16 percent of its subscribers (of these, 48 percent indicate that they plan to continue with the platform they have exclusively productions like Soul and The Mandalorian, while 19 percent are still unsure).

“We remain concerned about losing subscribers in the future if there is a slow device cycle and users choose not to renew on their own,” wrote the team at Moffett nathanson, led by analyst Michael Nathanson.

According VarietyOne difficulty for Apple TV Plus is its very limited line of content, compared to the thousands of titles available on other video-on-demand services. The platform offers a total of 55 originals (11 drama series, six comedy series, 13 non-fiction series, 11 films and 14 family and special series).

While it has leading entertainment figures – such as Bill Murray, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey – its release rate lags far behind Netflix and Disney Plus.

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