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If one word could define the vehicle that we are going to test this week at Motortech, it could be said that it is impressive. Yes, this is the new Cadillac Escalade.

Imposing in every way, this Cadillac has 22-inch wheels, a front grille in the shape of the brand’s logo and lights that have changed their layout, since they were previously vertical but are now located horizontally and with LED technology.

It is a special vehicle for the whole family, ideal for being large and spacious, it is also very technological: it has 12-inch screens so that children can play video games and with great comfort in the seats, which are made of leather and have heating and ventilation.

The most striking thing is that these seats can give you massages while you are on the road or in the city. A luxury.

In addition, it has a large panoramic sliding roof and a 38-inch home screen with OLED technology. It can be configured in the form of a route map with GPS, with the front camera or night vision.

East Cadillac Escalade It has augmented reality, which in addition to having visual signals that make the experience very interactive, it also has auditory signals.

For those who cannot leave their cell phone without charging for a minute, it comes with a wireless charger. It also has an AKG audio system with 26 speakers.

This SUV has a 420-horsepower, ten-speed, 6.2-liter eight-cylinder engine.

Its consumption is wasteful: 14 miles per gallon in the city, 19 with a gallon on the highway, which gives an average of 16 miles per gallon.

It comes with four drive modes: tour, sport, off-road and towing (holds up to 8,100 pounds). Another great novelty is that we can open the trunk of the vehicle with the foot.

The price for this Cadillac Escalade in the United States is $ 110,810.

Without a doubt, a luxury car with an onerous price, but one that has all the technological and mechanical innovations that will make it one of the stars of the market in 2021. The true American dream.

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