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This Sunday, SpaceX’s Transporter-1 mission was launched, with which the company manages to set a new record by launching 143 satellites into orbit with a single rocket: the Falcon 9 (in 2017, the PSLV rocket India set the previous record with 104 satellites).

Additionally, this launch also marked the orbital debut of Sherpa-FX, a satellite transfer vehicle manufactured and managed by Spaceflight Inc.

The cargo included commercial and government customer vehicles and satellites, such as HawkEye 360 ​​radio monitoring satellites; a NASA CubeSat, which will test a water propulsion system; and a container from the Celestis company, which carries the cremated remains of the deceased loved ones of its customers.

Spaceflight also placed the iQPS-2 or Izanami satellite for a separate deployment.

Other payloads included: 36 satellites for SuperDove, 17 satellites for Kepler Communications’ Internet of Things network, nine payloads for the Nanoracks Eyries-1 mission, and 30 satellites for Exolaunch.

As a fun fact, 36 of the satellites on that list were built by Swarm Technologies and are no bigger than a slice of bread. Additionally, SpaceX launched 10 satellites for its own broadband internet constellation, Starlink.

The Transporter-1 mission is part of SpaceX’s Smallsat Rideshare Program, which seeks to reduce the complexity and cost of access to space. The price for sending 200 kilograms into a synchronous orbit with the Sun is 1 million dollars, about $ 5,000 dollars per kilo, which is attractive to large companies and the government.

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