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A total of 13 unions from ten countries make up Alpha Global, the nascent global alliance that brings together the workers of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

Alpha Global will be affiliated with the UNI Global Union, a federation of unions representing 20 million service workers, including those at Amazon, reported The Verge.

“They are using their collective muscle to not only transform their conditions of employment but also to address social issues caused by increasing concentration of corporate power.”@CHoffmanUNI #AlphaGlobal

& mdash; UNI Global Union (@uniglobalunion) January 25, 2021

“The problems at Alphabet – and created by Alphabet – are not limited to one country, and must be addressed globally,” said UNI Secretary General Christy Hoffman.

What Alpha Global is looking for


Alpha Global’s goal is to address national issues, such as the treatment of content moderators, and international issues, such as workers being forced to sign nondisclosure agreements.

In total, the alliance includes unions from the United States, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Belgium.

“The movement launched by the tech workers at Google is inspiring. They are using their collective strength not only to transform their employment conditions, but also to address the social problems caused by the growing concentration of corporate power, ”Hoffman added.

Although it will not initially have a legally binding agreement with the company, in the future it could pressure it to sign a neutrality agreement, which would force Google to respect unionization.

The announcement comes after workers in the United States and Canada launched the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU), which already has more than 700 members.

“Organizing for justice in a global company like Alphabet doesn’t stop at national borders,” said Parul Koul, CEO of Alphabet Workers Union.

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