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Hitman 3 It is already on sale in practically all over the world, and one of its most interesting features is that you can import and play the levels of the two previous Hitman titles. This is a very convenient idea, since it allows you to have all the content of the complete series in a single initial menu. And in addition to the levels, other elements of those games can be transferred such as the experience obtained or unlockable objects that will be available in Hitman 3.

Of course, the transfer process is not very simple or direct; in fact, it is a bit complicated. To help you, in this guide we will explain how to export the levels of the previous Hitman games and import them into the new one.

How to import Hitman levels 1 and 2 into Hitman 3

First of all, you have to know a key fact: to be able to transfer data and levels to Hitman 3, it is mandatory to have bought (and have in the same account) the previous games, either one or both.

The only way to access the first Hitman’s data in Hitman 3 is importing them first to Hitman 2 via the DLC called Legacy Pack, which is only available to those who have purchased (or upgraded to) the Hitman GOTY edition. Once the data is imported into Hitman 2, launching Hitman 3 will detect the content of the first game and will be available to access at no extra cost.

In the case of levels of Hitman 2, to import them you have to do it through the Access Pass, which is available at Hitman 3 at the time of game launch. IO Interactive, the game’s developer studio, has indicated that the games will not have to be bought again as long as they are being played on the same account and in the same ecosystem; For example, if the previous Hitman played them on PS4 and the new one is bought for PS5, there will be no problem. But if they jump from one platform to another (example: from Xbox to PlayStation or vice versa), it is not possible to import content from previous games free of charge.

In short: when starting Hitman 3, the game will detect if the account already has access to Hitman 2 and the Legacy Pack of Hitman 1. If so, the levels will be available either from that moment or will be added to a download list. The important thing, in the case of Hitman 1, is to have the Legacy Pack.

How to import the progress of Hitman 1 and 2 to Hitman 3

Once with content from previous Hitman installed on Hitman 3, you may also want to import some data from previous games. To do this, the first thing is to create an account on the IO Interactive site and then, when logging in, link that account to the platform (Xbox Live, PS Network, Steam and so on) where they have the saved data. And yes, the IO Interactive account can be linked to multiple accounts on different platforms.

If the process is carried out before entering Hitman 3 For the first time, the game will ask to log in with the IO account and will guide you through the data transfer process through the console’s browser. Alternatively, you can visit the data transfer website from the computer or cell phone; It is the same that appears on the console, but perhaps it may be more convenient and faster to do it from another device, especially since console browsers are often slower than normal.

Within the data transfer page, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Select the account in which there is saved data
  2. Export progress
  3. Select destination account
  4. Confirm

These steps can be seen on the left side of the screen and it should be noted that the process is performed only once. Once the data has been transferred from one account to another, it is not possible to repeat it from the original account.

This is the data that is transferred from the previous games to Hitman 3:

  • Player profile
  • Experience ranking
  • Items and progress unlocked in challenges
  • Outfits and items unlocked at elusive target levels

And this is what is not transferred:

  • Save game files
  • Progress on climbs or story missions
  • GOTY version climbing rewards of Hitman 2
  • ICA telephone, which is not available in Hitman 3

This process is not available on the Nintendo Switch, as Hitman 3 is the only game in the series available on the platform. Likewise, data cannot be transferred from Google Stadia to Steam or Epic Games Stores.

Achievements and trophies

Hitman 3 includes some achievements and trophies that are related to activities of Hitman 1 and 2. Therefore, all the achievements or trophies obtained in those games will also be unlocked in Hitman 3, in case the data is transferred; According to IO Interactive, this will be done automatically once the transfer process is complete.

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