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While the world remains attentive to the distribution and application of different vaccines for the coronavirus, alternative therapies continue to appear to face the disease.

Yesterday we met Carvativir, probably one of the most striking, because it was presented by the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro.

At a press conference, the president described them as “miraculous droplets” that, according to him, would neutralize the coronavirus by 100 percent when used every four hours.

“Having received the official health permit of the country, I can present the medicine that neutralizes 100 percent of the coronavirus, Carvativir, better known as the miraculous droplets of José Gregorio Hernández.”

According to Maduro, the treatment is the result of several clinical, scientific and biological studies that were carried out over nine months in the South American country.


This process also included experimentation on moderate and severe patients, who would have recovered, according to Maduro, thanks to these droplets.

“Ten droplets under the tongue, every four hours, and the miracle is done, it is a powerful antiviral, very powerful that neutralizes the coronavirus,” adds the president.

Maduro also pointed out that this research would soon be published in various international journals.

He also made it clear that Carvativir was not associated with any side effects and also hopes that its mass production will begin this week.

The Government of Venezuela intends to establish a direct distribution system to ensure the arrival of this antiviral to hospitals and health centers in general.

This treatment is also expected to be exported to other countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Haiti.

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