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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and you only need one ball to play it. However, there are times when this accessory loses air, so it is necessary to inflate it to continue with the game.

There are places where inflating it can be a challenge, since some communities do not have an inflator (pump or bowler depending on the area in which it is located).

With these remote communities in mind, the design company Nendo has crafted an innovative soccer ball that never goes flat.

In addition, the ball is removable, so it can be assembled by the user himself.


The Japanese company has been inspired by the classic Japanese bamboo balls for its design and, according to them, they have set the objective of “popularizing the sport and increasing the number of players.”

Nendo’s ball is made up of 54 pieces. According to its creators, hitting this ball gives the same sensation as hitting the normal ones, so there would be no problems for the most classic football fans.


This ball must be assembled with three different types of components; It does not depend on the pressure of the internal air, since it uses the elasticity of its material so as not to lose air or its shape.

The main materials used are recycled polypropylene and EVA resin, compounds that do not irritate bare feet; It is as if Nendo had also thought about those girls and boys who play soccer without having shoes.


From the design firm they also ensure that assembling this ball is quite simple; Furthermore, its instructions are made up of images. It is also easy to transport, as it comes with a special backpack to carry it around.

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