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Initiating mass vaccination against COVID-19 during the second half of 2021 is the objective of the Spanish authorities.

Like the rest of the European Union, the Government of Spain launched the immunization process in December 2020, which is initially aimed at priority groups.

What vaccines are available in Spain?


As part of the European Union, Spain depends on the steps taken by the bloc for the arrival of the doses of the different antidotes.

As of January 2021, more than 40 million doses of Pfizer and BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are committed. In addition, that of AstraZeneca and Oxford is under evaluation.

In addition, the European authorities have contracts with the Janssen / J & J, Sanofi Pasteur / GSK and CureVac laboratories, and are in negotiations with Novavax.

What are the stages?

According to Spanish vaccination strategy, the vaccination process against COVID-19 will be implemented in three phases:

  • First stage: started on December 2021, includes priority groups, among which are residents and staff in senior centers, health personnel and dependents.
  • Second stage: could depart in March 2021 depending on dose availability and will benefit those over 80 years of age.
  • Third stage: is scheduled to start in June 2021, although its details have not yet been announced.

Is it possible to register?

No. The health authorities indicated that the health services in each Autonomous Community will contact the people to be vaccinated, according to the order of prioritization.

“It is important not to contact the health system on COVID-19 vaccination individually until then,” the Spanish authorities have said.

Is vaccination mandatory?

The vaccine against COVID-19 is not mandatory. In addition, it is completely free for all citizens.

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