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Bluetooth is much more than just a tool to pair your speaker with your phone. The Bluetooth function in Windows can help you work with your computer and its peripherals in a clean and organized way and without a lot of cables everywhere, hindering your performance and spoiling the picture; So don’t put it off any longer. Learn how to activate it and improve your workplace.

Be careful, if for some reason your device does not have this function, there are adapters USB type that provide it to you in a simple way.

How to enable Bluetooth in Windows

Method 1: Windows settings

Before you start using a Bluetooth device, it is important that you first set your items to the most advanced version. Therefore, you must go to Windows settings, then select the Control Panel in Windows 7 and the application Setting on Windows 10.

Windows 10

Step 1: In Windows 10, you will need to open the Activities Center and click on the button “All configurations“. Then go to Devices and click the button Bluetooth, which is located on the left side.

step 1

Step 2: In this step, you simply have to activate the Bluetooth in the option that says “Switched on“. Once you have activated Bluetooth, you can click on “Add Bluetooth or other devices“. Then click on “Bluetooth”And Windows 10 will start searching for devices with the new network enabled.

Step 2

Step 3: After you have started the process of pairing your device with Bluetooth, in a few seconds you will see it appear in the list of available devices. Just select it and then continue according to the instructions that appear. Once you have connected the device, it will appear in the list of connected peripherals and it’s that easy! You can now enjoy this external device on your PC.

Windows 7

Typically, once a Bluetooth adapter is installed and configured in a system Windows 7, it turns on automatically and is ready to use. However, it is important to note that on certain occasions a laptop with built-in Bluetooth may have a keyboard shortcut that turns Bluetooth on or off, or even an icon that may be present in the system tray that will perform the task. same function. So be very careful if you accidentally mark it!

Also, different PCs and Bluetooth adapters may come with the function to connect to a Bluetooth device. In that case, you can simply click the button Start and then right click and select “Devices and printers“. Then select “Add a device“, And click”Following“.

If the connection doesn’t work through this option, don’t worry, there is a solution for everything. Try to open the Control Panel and access “Hardware and sound” and later “Devices and printer” to start. After this, you just have to follow the instructions to pair your device and that’s it.

Method 2: Click the Bluetooth button in the Action Center

method 2

If you have a device with Windows 10, Bluetooth can be easily turned on and off simply by opening the Action Center and clicking on Bluetooth. This button is the one with the Bluetooth icon, along with the “Not Connected” label, which will appear only if you are not using a Bluetooth device or an indication of a primary device that is connected and in use. It is important that you know that if the button is grayed out, then it means that your Bluetooth is deactivated.

Once you’ve paired a Bluetooth device with your Windows PC, you should automatically connect it when both are on and in range. As mentioned above, when you are not actively using Bluetooth, we recommend that you disable it to save battery life and eliminate the possible attack path of unwanted or infected documents. From here on, you will surely be able to enjoy your external devices in Windows via Bluetooth without any problem.

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