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When something is good and does its job well, why change it? Toyota has taken this very seriously and proves it with this long-lived SUV, which with more than 10 years in the market maintains a good number of sales and is something to talk about thanks to its reliability and off-road capabilities.

Very aggressive, very square, very large, very straight and with timeless lines, something that is usually common in real 4 × 4, like the Wrangler and Defender, with very long life cycles.

The Venture version has slightly more aggressive traits, which are accentuated by the 17-inch TRD wheels covered by 265/70 tires, the additional luggage rack Yakima in the awning, a supposed air intake on the hood, rear spoiler on the medallion and the lower part of the bumper in black. Mirrors, handles, window frames, rear glass… there are several places where there are dark details, even the Toyota logo on the front and back is black.

The interior does not clash with the adventurous appearance of the exterior: heavy-duty plastic floor mats, huge steering wheel, large knobs and knobs, plus there’s a lever to engage the gearbox and hit the road. In a market where everything is already buttons, the 4Runner remains traditional, like the controls in the sky for off-road functions (very peculiar position). The center of the dash is dominated by an eight-inch screen. All the materials and shapes are noticeable in a car of this kind, whose trunk has nets, protective plastics, a 120 V, 100/400 W outlet and the option of a cooler.

There is room in every direction, although the third row is pretty much just for young children. If you are left with only five seats, you will have a trunk of significant dimensions, with room for 47.2 cubic feet.

As a vehicle destined for the US market, there are many cup holders, 10 in total, and 12 for the three-row versions of seats.

Interior Toyota 4Runner

Despite its veteran mechanical setup with a 270-hp, 278-lb-ft 4.0-liter V6 engine that shifts power to all four wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission and an advertised average fuel economy of just 17 mpg, the 4Runner It has enough arguments to remain in the minds of consumers who enjoy the pure and rough 4 × 4, ideal for a weekend getaway or a whole week, go through sand, stones, mountains, beach, leave it covered in mud and that’s it for the next adventure.

The 4Runner is available in nine versions and each with endless options, ranging from $ 36,590 for the SR5 version and up to $ 50,570 for the TRD Pro.

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