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Fun to drive regardless of its configuration, this year the Mini Cooper has a facelift in its different versions, such as the three-door, five-door and convertible, thus seeking to continue providing style to its drivers.

It is already 20 years since the launch of the modern Mini and the essence does not change, for a long time this compact vehicle has remained faithful to its master lines, which has been a great success in design.

Among the innovations that it presents, it is the new design of the front, especially in the frame of the grill you can see the most significant changes, also note the air inlets in the lower part, which now go within the same frame. Also on the front we see the new LED lights, now with a “bad weather” function replacing the anti fog lights. Small “air curtains” are incorporated at the ends of the fascia, this provides aerodynamic improvements.

The new multi-color awning arrives as a world innovation, being the first to offer this, it can be seen in the different shades of blue going from front to back of the little Mini. Most noticeable change, the two-tone alloy wheels.

Mini Multicolor Awning

The interior also presents a long list of changes, in the first instance it looks very similar to the overhang, those closest to the subject may notice the differences more, such as the new steering wheel, in three spokes, with multiple controls and now heated. Behind this, Mini joins the trend of placing a screen for the instrument panel, the market demands it and you have to be up to date.

In the center, the touch screen is 8.8 inches and all the graphics have been renewed, it follows the LED line around the screen, a classic since it looks great and already acted as a traffic light for the reverse sensors, very nice. The display now features Live Widgets, applications, navigation and voice controls, remote services and the Mini Connected system, with which you can have a lot of information about your car on your cell phone, open or close the doors, send the navigation from your cell phone or make service appointments, it also offers real-time traffic alerts, wireless charger and Head Up Display.

Interior Mini Cooper

For our good luck, it continues to carry those switches with a small “lever”, an element with many years in the Mini, for others characteristic. To our bad luck the mechanical parking brake was removed, it’s electric already, what’s going to happen to all those fun J-turns and the course of Mini Stunt Driving that was taught on the Thermal California track? I think it’s something that the most purists are going to miss.

The global launch of the new Mini models will begin in March 2021.

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