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It is not the most in-depth data that can be obtained after reviewing the 40-year history of Pac-Man, but in 1982, a duo formed by Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia (both originally from Ohio) recorded a song about the video game. It was called Pac-Man Fever and it crept onto the radio charts in the United States, where it climbed to number nine, a milestone for a song based on the still new video games.

Precisely, the Pac-Man Fever theme decorates the collector’s edition of the book Pac-Man Birth of an icon, whose collector’s edition includes a vinyl copy of the song. The book, for its part, commemorates the 40-year history of the character and video game of Japanese designer Toru Iwatani who, in all honesty, truly created an icon of video games and pop culture.

The book is edited by Cook and Becker, a publisher specializing in digital and conceptual art publications, as well as video games. The texts that tell the retrospective of the series are the work of Arjan Terpstra and Tim Lapetino, both with previous works in the history of videogames. Through its pages, the editorial ensures that fans will find the largest anthology in the history of Pac-Man, so stories such as Pac-Man Fever or the adaptation of Puck-Man will surely be just the surface.

Pac-Man Birth of an icon It is already available in pre-sale, although its distribution will begin on July 30. The book will be available in three editions: a single for $ 40, a collector’s item with yellow vinyl for $ 99 and a $ 299 edition signed by Iwatani.

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