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The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra are two new phones with great features that cost less than last year’s Galaxy S20. But are they worth investing in? Keep reading because next I will tell you my experience so you can make a purchase decision.

Galaxy S21

The first difference comes in the design. The Galaxy S21 has a plastic casing, something we already saw in the Galaxy S21 and Note 20, a sign that Samsung is cutting prices wherever it can in the base units of its devices, and the same happens with the Plus model.

The screen of this phone is Full HD, it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and this model and the Plus have a flat panel. An important detail is the battery; I consider that this phone did not improve much compared to its predecessor, since it has 4,000m Ah and in my use I managed to get to the end of the day with more or less 15 percent charge. The S21 Plus has 20 percent more battery and more screen, and although I did not have the opportunity to test it to give you more details of that model, you can take the feedback from the Galaxy S21 as a basis.

From a technical point of view, the cameras between the S2o and S21 regular and Plus changed little, because they have basically the same sensors without any surprising effect or an improvement that makes us think that we should switch from last year’s phones to this one.

We found a camera with three lenses of 12 (regular), 64 (telephoto) and 12 megapixels (wide angle and limited zoom). In its favor, it must be said that the focus improved quite a bit compared to the Galaxy S21.

Photo taken with the Galaxy S21. We notice an absence of detail, although very bright colors.
If you use more than 3X zoom, your photos will not look very nice.
The selfies They can be overdone in beauty mode, but you can always remove the artificial intelligence to make them look more real.

Although I really liked the photos, sometimes they can be unnatural. The zoom camera does not have a great quality, so if you have an S20, I don’t think you should change, although if you come from an older model you will like the improvements.

As for the performance of the S21, of course, it is faster than its predecessor: it has a Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 processor – depending on where you buy it – and the new interface looks great too. Of course, although it has the same load as the S20, speakers and many other aspects, something that you will not find is access to the memory card, a feature that many will miss.

I did not find so many novelties that impressed me in the S21, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra is another story.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Galaxy S21 UltraThe Galaxy S21 Ultra, in my opinion, is the true novelty of Samsung in 2021. This cell phone has a better external design, an OLED screen with deeper colors and a curvature that you love, as well as a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and many new features that we did not see in the other phones.

For example, in the camera the Ultra has a better 108 megapixel sensor, a wide angle sensor and two sensors for zoom, one of 3x and another of 10x. When I went out to take photos and put these cameras to the test, I was totally amazed; I even dared to take a photo of the moon with the 100x mode which, although it still has to improve, has evolved a lot.

The 3x and 10x zooms are optical, so you’ll only start to lose a bit of quality starting at 10x, although I was quite surprised by the stabilization when zooming, which helps a lot to get decent photos. Of course, to have that nice camera that also adds that director’s perspective mode that can be very useful for recording videoblogs, or an improved night mode, you end up paying much more (from $ 1,200).

Its 5,000mAh mega-battery lasts more than a day, but not necessarily two days like the Note 20 Ultra, although this simple phone also adds compatibility with the S-Pen, something that I have yet to test.

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S21 family has fast charging and reversible charging, as well as wireless charging, similar to what the S20 offered, although in the box you will notice a difference: indeed, the charger does not come.

Which phone should you buy?

Now, if you ask me which phone to buy, there are several details to consider. If money is not a problem, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is my option, because it is the most complete cell phone of all, but if you do not want to spend so much and want to be faithful to Samsung, you will be surprised to know that the Galaxy S20 FE shares many of the characteristics of the Galaxy S21 and costs around $ 700.

And to top it off… Samsung SmarTag

Cesar Salza

Or “one more thing”, as Apple would say. Samsung also launched its new SmartTag, which uses Bluetooth low energy to connect with your lost and found. Its operation runs through Samsung’s SmartThings application, dedicated to smart devices for the home.

If you wonder how it works and if this $ 29.99 device is for you, you should know that after setting it up and once you lose the device you tied it to, you will be able to use the app in two different ways. The first, if the SmartTag is close to you, your phone’s screen will tell you where to go. And the second, through the use of an encrypted frequency, which alerts other Samsung cell phones of the lost device to help you find another location. The owners of the other Samsung phones will not know anything in the process, so this looks like it will be very interesting.

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