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For every problem there is a solution, and although the Amazon Kindle has a small flaw (that you cannot read a Kindle book in any other application), there is something you can do to remedy it: the EPUB online converter and the book manager. Caliber electronics can help you. These applications are free, and the process to convert a Kindle file to PDF only takes a few minutes.

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How to Convert a Kindle File to PDF

Download AZW files first

Both software options require that your Kindle books be in AZW format rather than the new KFX format that Kindle is using now. To get the AZW file, you have to log into your Amazon account from your desktop or laptop.

Then you will have to go to Your account and select Manage Content and Devices. Where says To show in the upper left, you will have to choose books and then select the three dots on the left next to the title or titles you want. Then go to Download and transfer via USB. You will be prompted to choose one of your Kindle devices and the AZW file will download to your computer.

Note: Caliber now offers a plugin called KFX Input Plugin, which allows you to import KFX files.

Convert using EPUB Converter (online)

As its name suggests, EPUB Converter is a tool on-line used to convert compatible files for Kindle or other ebook in another format.

The tool currently includes options to convert electronic publications, also known as EPUBs, to PDF, MOBI, and AZW, among others, as well as to directly convert Kindle files to PDF. It’s fast, simple, and lacks a large amount of space.

Step 1: access EPUB Converter

Open your favorite browser and go to EPUB Converter.

Step 2: upload and convert your Kindle file

Assuming you have the files in question on your computer, click the yellow button Add file located below the PDF information and above the conversion instructions. Next, find the Kindle file you want to convert. Most likely, it is formatted in Amazon’s own file type, AZW or MOBI. Click the button Open which is located in the lower right corner of the pop-up window.

The EPUB converter also allows simultaneous uploading and conversion, so feel free to add as many files as you like. When you’re done, click the yellow button Start Upload that appears to the right of the file you just added.

Step 3: download the PDF

Once the conversion is complete, a process that can be potentially lengthy depending on the size of the file, you must right-click and then click on the resulting PDF file and select the option save to save the file to the desired location.

Alternatively, left-click or click the link to request the download or to view the PDF in the browser.

EPUB Converter will host the file on your server for two hours, which will give you enough time to download the new PDF. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary by clicking the button Add file hosted below the newly converted file.

Convert with Caliber – Windows, macOS and Linux

No wonder Caliber has become the most used solution for most of the people who are looking to convert their Kindle files to PDF. The fact is that this tool is relatively light, but it is full of remarkable features and has an attractive interface that is both ingenious and self-explanatory.

The software also handles a large assortment of input formats, from MOBI and HTML to PRC and AZW, and is capable of working with or without an active or persistent network connection.

The app also allows you to create new folder directories, rearrange e-book files, and generally do a bit of cleanup. In addition, it has intuitive options to customize the appearance and aesthetics of the resulting PDF.

Step 1: download, install and run Caliber

Start your browser favorite go to Caliber main page and click the button download blue located on the right side of the page. Then select the appropriate operating system and follow the onscreen installation instructions. Start the program when you finish.

Step 2: add the Kindle file

Assuming you have the files on your computer, click the button Add books located in the upper left corner of the application window, find the Kindle file you want to convert and click the button Open located in the lower-right corner of the pop-up window.

You can also drag and drop the files you want to convert to the application window. Like EPUB Converter, Caliber offers bulk upload and direct conversion, so feel free to add more than one file at a time.

Step 3: convert the Kindle file

Click the button Convert books located on the left side of the navigation bar.

Then a pop-up window will appear containing various options for altering the book cover, title, author, tags, and other components, as well as various options for changing the page layout and structure of the resulting PDF.

Select PDF from the drop-down menu to the right of the output format and do any other custom fit to the file before clicking the button To accept there is the lower right corner of the window.

Step 4: download the PDF

Once the conversion is complete – a process the duration of which will depend on the file size – select the ebook one more time and right-click or click the link Pdf that appears next to Formats.

Select the second option from the resulting drop-down menu, save the PDF format and choose the storage location desired.

Alternatively, you can left-click or click the same link to view the PDF using your operating system’s default PDF viewer. Repeat the process as many times as necessary!

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