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Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, just offered the first results conference 2020. In the instance, the executive has stated that the company has broken all sales records during the last period.

As expected, Cook was satisfied with the results, and also took the opportunity to anticipate that this 2021 the technology company has prepared several “new things.”

“We have a lot of new things that we will not talk about, but that we think will contribute to the results of the company. We see many opportunities, “he declared on the day.

This enigmatic message has led to a series of speculations about what the apple company is preparing.

According to various specialized media, among those new things that Cook announced, we could finally see the expected Apple AirTags, after several postponements and false rumors.

It should be remembered that these devices were expected for the launch of the iPhone 12, but that, finally, did not materialize.

The most eager fans hope that 2021 will be the year when they can finally get their hands on Apple AirTags.

Continuing the speculation, many believe that 2021 could mark the premiere of virtual reality glasses and those that mix virtual and augmented reality.

Supposedly, both devices were originally going to be launched in 2022 and 2023, however, it is possible that the technology company has decided to advance the launch, since the market associated with these products has been quite agitated in recent times.

Finally, this 2021 should also bring a new Mac, something that is not surprising because Apple releases new models every year.

We know that it is almost a fact that we will be able to see a new MacBook Pro 16 with a more powerful version of the M1, as well as a new design, although in this case it would not be a “new thing”, but a new model of a product that it already exists.

As an article by TechRadar, something more striking and unexpected would be a completely new Mac.

The good news is that the year is just beginning and there is still a long time to go to continue speculating about which devices the company will show in 2021.

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