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Royal family (Royal family) was the name of a documentary broadcast in 1969 by the British BBC network, but in 1972 it was banned by Queen Elizabeth II.

Since then, there has been no record of this intimate story about the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace.

However, at the end of January 2021, half a century after its premiere, the production was uploaded to YouTube by an unknown user.

The video based on more than 43 hours of recording only managed to have about 1,000 views before it was withdrawn on January 28, due to a copyright claim.

According to the British magazine Tatler (via Gizmodo), the documentary shows the royal family in everyday situations, such as skiing or having barbecues in the open air.

From advertising strategy to historical document

Royal family It was an obvious public relations strategy to “humanize” the monarchs but, according to the report by Tatler, the British of the time wanted their monarchs to be special.

The report added that scenes like the queen buying ice cream for her children had not been well received by the upper class. In fact, the monarchy was not even supposed to handle money.

But beyond the publicity objective, the documentary contains scenes of immense historical value, such as the queen’s meetings with the prime ministers of Jamaica and Tanzania.

Or a meeting of Queen Elizabeth with then-US President Richard Nixon, with whom she had an informal conversation about travel and television.

According GizmodoAlthough the documentary was withdrawn, it is still possible to find some copies scattered on the platform.

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