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Suppose it is the first time you enter YouTube. What would you see first? A good starting point would be to know the YouTube channels with the most subscribers; after all, they have millions of followers around the world for a reason. Surely you know more than one of our list, but maybe one or the other will surprise you.

YouTube channels with the most subscribers

YouTube channel Subscribers
Wwe 71.7 million
Kids Diana Show 72.6 million
Sports 74.8 million
Gaming 87.6 million
SET India 92.9 million
Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes 102 million
PewDiePie 108 million
Music 114 million
YouTube Movies 130 million
T-Series 167 million

10. Wwe (71.7 million)

WWE returns to our list, with more than 71 million subscribers. If you do not know, we explain: WWE is the acronym for “World Wrestling Entertainment”, and basically it is an entertainment company that presents professional wrestling matches.

In this channel you can find clips and videos of meetings of the most famous WWE programs.

Kids Diana Show it’s basically a children’s show hosted by a girl named Diana. Their videos often incorporate activities like doing unboxing of toys, vlogs, songs, playing with his brother and various educational topics. The channel started on May 12, 2015.

8. Sports (74.8 million)

The Sports channel simply aggregates content from other YouTube channels under a related topic. In this case, the Sports channel gets sports-related videos ranging from news content to highlights and live sports events. This channel started on December 15, 2013 and, according to the section About, “Was automatically generated by YouTube’s video discovery system.”

7. Gaming (87.6 million)

The Gaming channel appears to be another automatically generated by YouTube. In this case, select and gather game-related content from other YouTube channels. Such content includes live games, tutorials, and other game videos. According Social Blade, this channel was created on December 15, 2013, like the Sports channel.

6. SET India (92.2 million)

Sony Entertainment Television India is a channel in this country that provides content for the whole family 24 hours a day. When it reached 32.2 million subscribers, it knocked out artists Taylor Swift and Katy Perry from the top 10. Launched as a channel in 1995, SET India has been on YouTube since 2006. This channel includes comedy specials, like The Kapil Sharma Show, and police dramas like Crime Patrol.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is a YouTube channel that focuses almost entirely on classic nursery rhymes with 3D animation, as well as some original songs. Originally called ABCkidTV, it posted its first video in September 2006. It saw steady growth over the years, but its popularity exploded in 2017, where it began gaining more than 100,000 new monthly subscribers. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes also has controversial aspects: it has one of the most “disliked” videos of all time: Bath song. This video accumulates 1.6 million negative reactions.

YouTube channels with the most subscribers

PewDiePie it has more than 100 million subscribers. Created in 2010 by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel is well known for its “Let’s Plays” and blogs, as well as its quirky personality. His channel’s content has been described as silly, hateful and full of profanity. Is a youtuber very controversial.

After dropping out of college to focus on content creation, PewDiePie surpassed 1 million subscribers just two years after its launch. Kjellberg’s influence on social media has also fueled sales of indie video games, in particular Goat simulator Y McPixel. In May 2020, he signed an exclusive contract with YouTube.

3. Music (114 million)

This is another auto-generated YouTube channel that pulls and aggregates content from other spaces under a topic. Here you can find music videos, song playlists, and even live performances. This channel was created on September 24, 2013.

More than a content aggregator, it is a hub for YouTube’s movie rental / purchase service. On this page you can see a variety of movies, either by renting, buying or watching some free with ads. You can also pay to watch some TV series, like Veep, Supernatural, The Daily Show Y Seinfeld. According Social Blade, this channel was created on June 10, 2015.

1. T-Series (167 million)

T-series is a popular Indian music company with 139 million subscribers and more than 3 billion monthly views. Also, it is the YouTube channel with the most subscribers in India. The channel is well known for its Bollywood musical soundtracks.

While the T-series channel was created in 2006 (YouTube started in 2005), the T-series company that runs it has existed since the eighties. The company’s breakthrough came in 1990, with the movie soundtrack album “Aashiqui.” It sold more than 20 million units in India, becoming the best-selling Bollywood album of all time.

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