Chromebook laptops record the best year in their history | Digital Trends Spanish

Chromebooks had a favorable 2020, so much so that the last quarter of this year ranked as the best in its history. Canalys It indicated that manufacturers of these types of devices shipped 30.7 million computers last year.

The analysis firm specified that the companies that offer Chromebooks displaced the record number of 11.2 million laptops with Google’s operating system in the last quarter of 2020, which meant four times more deliveries than the same period of 2019.

“Schools and universities are demanding easy-to-implement solutions, and Google’s digital offerings for education are proving to be quite popular over rival platforms, especially in the United States and Western Europe,” said Rushabh Doshi, Director of Research at Canalys. .

According to Google, Chromebooks are web-based devices that can be shared and used to access the internet, rich apps, and powerful extensions. Also, with automatic updates and multi-layered security, “they keep getting better long after you buy.”

Canalys said that HP was the company that displaced the most laptops, with 3.5 million pieces in the last quarter; then followed by Lenovo (2.8 million), Acer (1.5 million), Dell (1.5 million) and Samsung (1 million).

Expectations are no less for 2021. The analytics firm stated that Chromebook demand could remain strong for this period, especially when there is growing interest outside the educational market: consumers and traditional commercial customers are looking for these machines “to guarantee the affordable continuity of business or personal computing ”.

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