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The social media giant Facebook announced on February 1 that it will begin to ask its iPhone and iPad users to allow the application to track their activity, in order to offer them more personalized ads.

The measure seeks to anticipate the privacy changes that Apple will implement through the iOS and iPadOS operating systems, adjustments that, according to Facebook, will affect its advertising business.

The message will ask Facebook and Instagram users to allow their activity on both platforms to be used for personalized ads and “to support businesses that rely on ads to reach customers,” Mark Zuckerberg’s company said.

Apple plans to introduce changes to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 in the coming months, where users will be able to decide whether to accept that a certain application monitors the activities they carry out through a device.

War unleashed

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At the end of January 2021, Zuckerberg called Apple one of its biggest competitors and said that the changes it plans to privacy will affect the growth of “millions of companies around the world.”

Although without directly mentioning Facebook, Apple CEO Tim Cook replied in harsh terms: “If a company relies on deceiving users, on data exploitation, on choices that are not options at all, it does not deserve our praise, deserves contempt ”.

All Apple devices have an identifier, which is the one used by mobile ad companies to target ads and estimate their effectiveness. However, now Apple wants the users themselves to decide if they want to be monitored.

Why is Facebook anticipating?

Facebook warning message
This is how Facebook’s warning message will look in English.

According CNBC, the measure would aim to test the effects of Apple’s update, before it takes place.

Facebook will start showing some users its own messages, explaining why it wants to track this activity and asking users to sign up.

A trial version of the message has a bold header that asks “Allow Facebook to use your application and website activity?” It claims that Facebook uses that information to “provide a better advertising experience.”

You will then offer users a choice between “Do not allow” and “Allow”.

Regardless of selection, if users choose not to allow tracking in Apple’s pop-up, that choice will be final and will be honored by Facebook.

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