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The story is from a movie and it will be a movie. According to reports published by the media specialized in entertainment Deadline, Netflix and MGM are in negotiations to produce movies about the retail investors who bet on the bankruptcy of the video game store GameStop.

According Deadline, in the case of Netflix The negotiation includes the scriptwriter Mark Boal, responsible for films such as The Hurt Locker Y Zero Dark Thirty. The film would star Noah Centeno, who participated in the Netflix production To all the boys I’ve Loved.

In the case of MGM, the negotiation would seek to secure the film rights of the book The Antisocial Network from the prolific author of The New York Times Ben Mezrich. If it materializes, it would be the second time that one of Mezrich’s novels has reached the big screen, after the adaptation of The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, a Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal like the movie The Social Network.

In both cases, it does not seem feasible that production will be released in the short term. Not just because the drama surrounding GameStop’s stock isn’t over yet, but Mezrich’s book won’t debut until well into February.

However, the interest generated around the story of how a group of retail investors put large hedge funds on the ropes or hedge funds, drama that until now has been classified as a story of David versus Goliath in the financial world.

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