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Spot is the most famous robot in Boston Dynamics. In fact, it is also the only one currently on sale, as the Explorer version of this robotic dog can be purchased for $ 74,500.

In accordance with an article of The Verge, the company has already sold about 400 units of this prototype, which can be used for surveillance operations in critical areas and other tasks difficult for humans to access.

Now, the company announced Spot Enterprise, a new version of the popular robot dog that incorporates a charging stand to fill its batteries without the need for human interaction.

Boston Dynamics.

If the Spot Explorer had about 90 minutes of autonomy, according to the company, the new version can live in a remote place with a charging station “indefinitely.”

Other novelties

This new version also has an improved processor in performance. Thus, Spot could become a good alternative for many operators who have to work in particular areas, either performing surveillance or management functions.

In addition to its new software, the Spot Enterprise incorporates a robotic arm that can be mounted on one of the front cameras.

Boston Dynamics.

This tool allows you to open doors, turn levers, and operate various buttons; Thus, the robot would be very useful to perform functions in a mining company, being able to stay several days in the mine without having to leave.

Thinking about connection problems for remote areas, the whole system has been designed for low speed connections; thus, 3 Mbps is enough to manage Spot from a distance.

The company has published some videos to show the operation of this modern robot.

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