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Bebo became the most popular social network in the UK. At its most successful, it had more than 40 million followers.

In 2008, Michael Birch and his wife Xochi decided to sell the site to AOL for $ 850 million.

Now, Bebo has announced that he will return. Although we know few details about the return, a stark “coming soon” sign posted on the site suggests that the platform should be available in the future.

Birch, its creator, hopes that by the end of this month the first group of people will receive an invitation to start testing the network.

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However, many have viewed this relaunch with skepticism, particularly given the scenario we live in, where the field of social media seems to be dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For the same, in an interview with the BBC, Birch has explained Bebo’s plan to compete as equals with the other platforms.

Be more online

The site’s co-founder explained that the idea is to focus more on profiles and real-time interactions, rather than the typical Twitter and Facebook news.

“What we want to do is go back to this idea of ​​a profile a bit. That you have an identity that you are proud of. That you can visit a profile and see things that are not just the latest news articles that are shared, “he explains in the interview.

“On Facebook, if someone posts something on their feed news, may have done it a minute ago, but you don’t feel like you’re online, in this experience with that person. And that is what we are trying to achieve ”.

Finally, Birch points to the fake news to distance itself from the other apps, as it hopes that Bebo will become a “refreshing break from misinformation spreading elsewhere.”

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