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The war of the pick-ups Americans seem to have no end: the numbers and capacities continue to grow. Now, Ford introduced the new Raptor, with an increase in aggressiveness and capabilities, and with which it makes clear its intentions and off-road capabilities and, needless to say, fun.

“Raptor is the original pick-up of the desert. We just took it to another level, ”said Ali Jammoul, Ford Performance Vehicle Program Director.

With the controversy that the grills have caused in several brands, especially in BMW, it is enough to see that the Raptor offers a complete one, with the letters “Ford” well marked all over the front along with the three characteristic lights, the double headlights in Upright position and inverted L-shaped position lights.

On the fender, Rigid fog lights are added to improve visibility on off-road routes. Even lower down you can see a huge skid plate, which achieves a very aggressive print of the entire front of the Raptor.

The suspension increases its off-road capabilities, with five arms at the rear to improve its ride; 24-inch springs are mounted and self-adjusting Fox elements are reused, depending on ground conditions. BFGoodrich 37-inch tires, fitted on 17-inch wheels, are an option in the Performance package.

37 2021 Ford Raptor rims

These wheels, the largest fitted to a standard vehicle, allow an entry angle of 33.1 degrees, a ventral angle of 24.4 and an exit angle of 24.9. Suspension travel on the front wheels is 14 inches and on the rear axle it was up to 15 inches.

The six-cylinder 3.5-liter Ecoboost engine has been revised. Although no official figures have been released yet, we can think of over 450 horsepower, given that that was the figure for the outgoing Raptor, and an estimated range per fuel tank of 500 miles. The sound of the engine-exhaust assembly was improved and there is now an active valve option. The box is a 10-speed automatic, the rear differential can be locked and the front differential is limited slip. Towing capacity stands at 8,200 pounds.

Interior technology

Regarding the technology in the interior, the Raptor mounts a 12-inch digital instrument cluster with specific animations and graphics, provides information from the off-road and navigation. The screen in the center of the dash is 12 inches and can be divided to view multiple functions at the same time.

interior 2021 Ford Raptor

It is possible to control some functions of the Raptor with the FordPass app, such as opening or closing the vehicle, checking the tire pressure and the fuel level, as well as some new functions, such as lighting and trailer theft alert among others.

The 360-degree cameras show what is happening around you in real time and help with a display indicating the position of the wheels. In any case, on a 4 × 4 route, it never hurts to bring a person to guide you through difficult steps.

The term Sync is known to Ford users and the Sync 4 is mounted on this Raptor, the voice commands have been improved and the information is customizable to the driver’s wishes. Now Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are wireless and also has Alexa compatibility. The audio is made up of 18 Bang & Olufsen brand speakers.

The Ford Raptor will be available for summer 2021 and the R version will arrive in 2022. The estimated price of the new 2021 Raptor will be around $ 59,000.

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