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Nominated in six categories, the film Mank leads this year’s Golden Globes nominations.

It is one of the most symbolic projects for director David Fincher, since it was written by his father, Jack.

In fact, the renowned director of Seven wanted to make the film long before, after the successful The GameHowever, the fact of wanting to do it in black and white did not convince at that time.

Mank is considered a biographical tape about Herman J. Mankiewickz and his role during the development of the script of Citizen Kane (1941), considered one of the most important films in history.


The film aims to vindicate the figure of Mankiewickz (or simply Mank), a misunderstood genius overshadowed by Orson Welles, who ultimately appropriated the title of creator of Citizen Kane, despite the fact that both won an Oscar for the historic film.

The film is a kind of tribute to Mank through the vision of the Finchers. Its black and white aesthetic takes the viewer back to the golden age of Hollywood, and Gary Oldman’s remarkable performance in the main role reveals how the figure of the screenwriter was built.

Thus we meet a young Mankiewicz, son of immigrants, who worked as a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and was a theater critic before joining Hollywood studios as a writer.


The film also delves into the demons that Mank had to face in his problems with alcohol and his political demands, which led to him being censored by Nazi Germany after openly supporting socialism.

Herman J. Mankiewickz passed away in 1953 due to kidney failure. After seeing the success that Fincher’s film has had in the nominations for the Golden Globes, it would not be strange that the production is also the protagonist of the Oscars.

A kind of fair and elusive recognition that took several decades to arrive.

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