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Myopia is one of the most important conditions of the human eye. And although much of the population suffers from it, it is likely that it will soon be forgotten.

At least that is what the Japanese company Kubota, dedicated to the field of vision, intends by announcing glasses that would be able to correct myopia without the need for surgery.

According to the company, this device could end the stretching of the back wall of the eye that causes myopia, which causes that distant objects cannot be clearly distinguished.

Kubota intends for its glasses to be available on the Asian market in the second half of 2021. They say that it would be enough to wear the glasses for 60 to 90 minutes a day to correct the refractive error that causes the defect.

Kubota Pharmaceutical Group.

How do they work?

These innovative glasses project an out of focus image from the unit onto the retina of the wearer, which would function as an exercise that, according to one study, reduces the length of the axis that goes from the cornea to the retina and makes distant objects look blurry.

Ryo Kubota, president of the Japanese company, explained that they will first market these glasses in Asia due to the high percentage of people with myopia. Later, these implements should reach other markets, although the dates are unknown.

Kubota Pharmaceutical Group

It is also not known for how long people will have to wear the lenses, if it is something that will take months or even years.

Currently, there are 2.560 million people with myopia in the world and it is estimated that by 2030 that number could reach 3.400 million.

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