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In the past, there were Instagram functions that mimicked Snapchat. For some time now, the social network of selfies has incorporated a series of changes to the style TikTok, its powerful Chinese rival.

If you had already “imported” Reels, the tool with which you also sought to confront the social network to share videos, now it incorporates a vertical display format.

Currently, users browse Instagram Stories through horizontal swipes, a feature it adopted from Snapchat.

However, this display format is a thing of the past. Even Snapchat has launched Spotlight, its own TikTok clone. And everything indicates that Instagram is going the same way.

User Alessandro Paluzzi discovered that the “Vertical Stories” feature was in development, according to TechCrunch.

The screenshot shows a user interface with text that says: “Now you can swipe up and down to search for stories”, next to a blue button called “Vertical stories.”

#Instagram is working on Vertical Stories ????
Swipe up and down to browse stories.

& mdash; Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) February 2, 2021

Major change

Turn Instagram Stories into a feed vertical would be a major change. You could even set the stage for more static content, like photos.

Instagram confirmed that the function is being studied, but clarified that it is still in an early phase of development. “This is a preliminary prototype and is not currently being tested on Instagram,” a company spokesperson was quoted as saying. TechCrunch.

Reels has been forcibly listed on Instagram via the Explore page, where it now ranks first. However, the new format has added to the mess on Instagram.

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